The Indian renewable energy sector faces unique and difficult challenges, as it tries to achieve a 175 GW capacity by 2022. This involves a rapid growth in an environment which still has uncertain policies, contradicting regulations and red tape from government officials. Power being a highly regulated sector, with involvement of multiple government organizations faces […]

India suffers from lack of good windy sites One of the biggest problems for the India’s wind energy sector is the paucity of good windy sites for locating the wind farms. Most of the good locations have already been used up and finding a new site is a major problem for wind energy developers. In […]

China Wind Installation 2015 China installed a gargantuan 30 GW of wind energy capacity in 2015, as it became the world’s largest wind energy producer. Europe which is regarded as the bastion of the green energy movement, has now got less wind energy capacity at China which has almost 150 GW of cumulative wind capacity […]

India wind energy will suffer The Indian wind energy sector which did spectacularly well in the first decade of this century, cannot catch a break in the second decade it seems. The industry has been facing multiple issues which have stalled the growth rate for this RE technology. In the earlier years the wind turbine […]

Slow growth in Wind Power in India Despite wind power being set a target of 50 GW by 2022, which implies an annual run rate of ~5 GW every year, wind power is not growing at all in India. Wind power in India is projected to remain flat at around 2-2.5 GW every year going […]

Suzlon to turnaround Sun Pharma is India’s largest pharma company by value and one of the largest generic companies in the world. The company has grown at a rapid pace in the last few years and has been the poster child of India’s pharma industry, which has become a big success after India’s IT industry. […]