Maintenance of Solar Panels in India India is approaching on an aggressive solar path, with the country aiming to install 100 GW of solar power by 2022. Tenders are being taken out frequently for new solar projects and the government is not leaving any stone unturned to boost solar growth in the country. Some states […]

Rooftop Solar Panels in India India’s solar rooftop market is set to explode in the coming years. The cost effectiveness of solar power, rising electricity bills, and high cost of land in India are all propelling rooftop growth in India. The Indian capital city New Delhi, alone has the potential to install 2 GW of […]

Su-Kam is India’s largest inverter manufactures supplying to a wide range of applications. The company produces and sells power solutions including battery, inverters, UPS systems, solar solutions. Though teh solar storage market is bound to grow by leaps and bounds, the Indian inverter companies still lack the sophistication of its global peers. The domestic solar […]

An overview of Waaree Solar panels and the overall business scenario of the Indian solar industry by the head of Waaree Solar’s International Business – Mr. Prasad Chaporkar himself 1) Sneha: What is the biggest problem faced by the Indian manufacturers? Do you think the government should impose an anti-dumping duty on imports?Prasad: The biggest […]

Solar Panels on Water Solar Power panels installed on water make a lot of headlines these days. Solar power plants were popularized in India when a 1 MW solar power plant was built 2-3 years ago on a Sardar Sarover Nigam canal in the state of Gujarat. The chief minister in that state used that […]

Points to remember before buying a Solar panel I frequently get questions from my readers regarding “Which solar panel should I choose?  Which panels are the best?” Though it is difficult to choose one amongst the variety of solar panel brands available in the market today, you can surely narrow down your search to three or […]