Own Your Solar Panels Now! Have you ever considered installing solar for your home but assumed that it was too expensive? Or maybe you are waiting until the solar technology improves and its cost goes down? Then, I should advise you to wait no longer! It is high time that you jump on the solar […]

At a time when India is thinking of imposing duty restrictions on Chinese made solar products, the European Union has lifted import duties from Chinese solar panel imports. This brings an end to a five-year-old saga initiated by the German solar cell manufacturer Solarworld, who accused the Chinese of disrupting the European local market. The duties were […]

Lubi Solar – A Rising Star in the Indian Solar Industry With India becoming a hot solar developing hub, there is a lot of excitement amongst industry to start or diversify into solar. A pro-renewable energy government at the center and improving dynamics of solar energy, has improved the viability of solar energy as the conventional […]

Solar Roadways in China China is all set to once again revolutionize the solar market. The country is testing its solar roadways which are plastic covered solar panels laid on roads. The plastic-like look of the solar roads is due to a complex polymer that is used in the construction. The product will not only […]

Solar Panels as a Threat? As solar energy gathers ground all around the world, the question of how to treat solar waste is becoming inevitable. There was about 250,000 metric tonnes of global solar panel waste in 2016 and that number is expected to increase to 78 million metric tonnes by 2050 according to  International Renewable Energy Agency […]

Guest Post Factors to Consider Before Going Solar Would you like to decrease your carbon footprint, improve the sale value of your home and also save some bucks on your home’s utility bills while you are at it? These are just some of the widely-known advantages of going solar. You can benefit from solar panels […]