When Diwali is around the corner, we want to light up each and every nook and corner of our homes. It is a belief in India that Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth only resides in homes which are clean and well lit, and people always look at lighting up. With the festive season already kicking […]

Large-scale Solar Plants in Australia Australia has been seeing high power prices for a long time due to the oligopoly nature of the power sector. However, the advent of cheap solar energy has started to upend the power market as entrepreneurs set up large solar power plants to compete with the high priced gas and […]

Are you worried about the ever-rising cost of electricity? Would you rather avoid the high heating costs every winter? The answer may be simpler than you think. Have you thought about installing a solar home battery yet? The benefits might be more than you think!  For instance, you can buy this product to get started […]

In a few short years, South Australia is rapidly moving towards renewable energy, with hundreds of megawatts of solar energy getting installed rapidly due to falling prices. South Australia already saw solar power becoming the biggest source of power during different times of the week at noon when numerous rooftop solar power systems generated at their full […]

  India has become the second largest market for solar energy in the first half of 2018 beating USA with 4.9 GW of solar installations. Now India is second only to China, which kept up its record-breaking numbers of more than 24 GW of installations during the first half. Why Solar Growth has slowed in India […]

Go Green At Home If your home costs around $500,000 and you borrowed $300,000 to facilitate building it, then your home’s equity is $200,000, and that is what you own. With that, it means that you will lose $300,000 worth of the property if you cannot pay the loan. As real estate value continues to […]