Now SECI to Enter Solar EPC Solar Energy Corporation of India is the nodal agency tasked with helping the Indian government achieve its target of 175 GW of renewable energy by 2022. This company which was formed 3-4 years primarily engages in giving out tenders for construction of solar parks and solar projects such as rooftop […]

US Solar Companies Keep Shutting Down U.S. solar companies are dying like flies as the relentless fall in solar panel prices has totally upended their business models. Even top solar companies such as First Solar and Sunpower are in deep trouble and reporting losses and firing workers. First Solar is moving to its next generation […]

ISRO’s Solar Calculator App I receive many queries from readers who are confused if they should install solar. Though solar energy has proved its mettle and is beneficial to be installed owing to its improved performance and reducing prices, people still want to know if installing solar will be beneficial for them and how much […]

Can Indian Solar Companies survive in India I receive a lot of queries regarding which solar panel to buy in India. One thing that is common across these queries is that a buyer generally states that he wants to buy a panel without many specifications. And that dear readers, is the biggest problem of the […]

Consolidation in Indian Solar Industry The Indian market is continuously seeing consolidation happening at the solar development part of the supply chain. Many smaller players which had entered the solar market in the initial years are looking to sell out to largest PE-backed platforms and financial companies. The solar development market has become extremely tough […]

Will Sunpower survive? Sunpower used to be a world leader in the production of solar panels despite using a non-standard technology on n-type monocrystalline which is more expensive to manufacture but gives the highest efficiency amongst silicon made solar panels. However, the company was not able to keep up with the drastic cost reductions being […]