Su-Kam is amongst the largest inverter manufacturers in India. The scompany has been known for manufacturing the first sine-wave inverters and launching plastic body for inverters. The company has sales network in more than 70 countries worldwide. These inverters are no longer boxes that convert energy into electricity, they have come a long way with […]

Haryana Government allows Rooftop Solar plants We have always emphasized upon the importance of rooftop solar in Haryana. The state lacks in renewable energy, despite being one of the most industrialized and fastest growing states in the country. The state has high solar irradiation levels with 320 sunny days. The state also has a Department […]

A large number of villages and small towns in India, still live in darkness with no electricity lines to these remote areas. Without power life seems to be at a standstill in cities. There are numerous pressing issues that arise due to absence of electricity like absence of fans, water etc. Hundreds of millions of […]

Su-Kam is India’s largest inverter manufactures supplying to a wide range of applications. The company produces and sells power solutions including battery, inverters, UPS systems, solar solutions. Though teh solar storage market is bound to grow by leaps and bounds, the Indian inverter companies still lack the sophistication of its global peers. The domestic solar […]

Solar Panel Kits Solar Panel Kits are the latest fad in the solar industry. A typical solar panel kit consists of solar panels, charge controllers, Solar inverter, mounting structures, cables, connectors etc. These are believed to be more convenient as the customer ideally gets all things required for solar installation at one place and does […]

Major EPC Players of India According to data published by Bridge to India, below is the list of top EPC contractors in India for rooftop projects commissioned till October 2015, alongwith their respective marketshares.     EPC Contractors Marketshare (in %) Tata Power Solar 11.6 Sukam 4.6 Cleanmax 2.6 Chemtrols 2.1 L&T 1.9 REIL 1.7 […]