Maharashtra Rooftop and off Grid Solar policy Maharashtra has become the first state in India to come out with a policy of targeting solar rooftop and off grid projects. While most large Indian states have come out with a solar policy for all segments, nobody has focused on this segment. It is commendable in my […]

The Indian solar market continues to surprise observers with newer lower prices every day conducted in numerous reverse auction solar bids by state government, as well as central government owned agencies. While the power minister seems extremely happy by the low prices discovered in transparent and unbiased auctions, many analysts are concerned that this competition […]

The Indian government is proposing a bilateral deal with USA in the domestic content requirements solar case that India had lost earlier. USA had brought a case against India’s policy of reserving some part of the capacity in solar tenders for domestically manufactured solar cells and modules. We had thought it extremely hypocritical of USA […]

Higher Efficiency Solar Companies to survive in China China is the world’s largest solar market with more than 16 GW of solar installation in 2015. The country which has the world’s largest solar manufacturing industry with most of the top 10 solar panel makers located in the country, is trying to reduce overcapacity and weed […]

I am amazed at the ignorance and lack of due diligence done by analysts and academics when they post articles on solar energy in major mainstream media. I am even more amazed why respected mainstream media such as LiveMint in India publish these articles without doing some due diligence themselves. In an article on solar […]

Solar investments in India Solar energy has become the dominant renewable energy source in India in terms of investments, with $5.6 billion being invested in 2015, which is almost half of the total RE investments made in India. RE investments increased by 22% in India overall as per Bloomberg, topping $10 billion in investments. Wind […]