United Photovoltaics has started to emerge as the top solar farm company in China, aggressively buying up solar farms in the country. The company which was known as Goldpoly earlier has shifted its focus from solar panel manufacturing to becoming a large solar utility company. The company has gone on a buying spree locking up [...]

Japanese Solar Inverter Market The boom in the Japanese solar market has completely changed the competitive dynamics of the global solar inverter market. The Japanese solar inverter manufacturers led by Omron have entered the top 10 solar inverter rankings for 2013, displacing the European players. Their rise has been due to: a) Strong growth of [...]

Solar Drones Solar drones are becoming hot new targets for technology biggies such as Google and Facebook. Drone technology has seen some dramatic improvements in the last few years. The US Military has extensively used drones in operations in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The improvement in sensor and communication technologies has meant that it has become [...]

Chinese Companies to open factories in USA to avoid Duties The Chinese companies may look to shift their factories abroad, as major trade partners are imposing new duties and restrictions on Chinese solar product imports. USA is planning to close the loopholes with regards to the anti-dumping and countervailing duties it had imposed on Chinese [...]

Solar Powered Charging Station Just one week before the Earth Day (22nd April), Kyocera installs a 230 kW solar charging station in Japan to charge electric vehicles. Imagine the amount of fuel that will be saved and also the amount of pollution that can be checked by using electric/ solar powered vehicles. We at Greenworldinvestor [...]

Trina and Yingli revise their Q1 2014 shipment projections downward Both Trina Solar (TSL) and Yingli Green Energy (YGE) are big names in the solar industry today. They performed quite well in Q4 2013 with big shipment numbers. While Trina achieved a 2.58 GW shipment, Yingli achieved a target of ~3,234 MW in 2013. Both [...]