Bifacial Solar Panels In Delhi Metro The Indian Delhi Metro is going to put up bifacial solar panels along the railway tracks it is going to newly construct in the Indian capital. These bifacial solar panels will not only generate energy for the railway company but also serve the function of sound barriers. The Delhi […]

Tesla’s Solar Plus Storage Power Plant in Hawaii Not only has solar energy come of age as a big competitor to fossil fuels in the areas of electricity power but energy storage too is starting to make a mark. Tesla which is set to become the world’s largest producer of lithium batteries recently launched a […]

Burning Solar Panels In an interesting incident, vast numbers of solar panels were burned to ashes at a project site in the southern state of Telangana. Though the exact number of solar panels that were burnt is not known, what is understood is that the solar panels were stockpiled at a site for building a […]

Solar Cell Production In Taiwan Solarworld had recently announced that it would get out of multicrystalline solar silicon cell and panel production as it was unable to compete with the much lower p-type monocrystalline solar cell production from China. The recent solar panel price bloodbath has made it extremely difficult for non-Chinese companies to operate […]

Haryana’s Inefficient DHBVN Fail To Install Net Meters For Rooftop Solar Haryana which is a small northern state in India has one of the most inefficient utilities in the power sector DHBVN. While the state government has made a policy to install rooftop solar mandatory for any institution above a certain size, the useless and […]

Solar Carport AT Kochi Airport India’s southern city of Kochi is going to increase the solar energy installation at its facilities. The airport already has a huge 15 MW solar energy capacity which is supplying power for most of its usage. This will further increase by 40% as the authority is going to install solar […]