Solar Power in Indian Airplanes The transport industry in India is now considering using solar energy to cut its dependence on thermal power and diesel consumption. The AAI (Airport Authority of India) will now construct solar power plants at its airports to meet its power requirements, according to the MoU signed between AAI and Solar […]

10 GW Solar Park in Rajasthan Rajasthan might witness another huge solar investment onto its sunny lands. Rajasthan suffers from huge power shortages and a solar park could be the answer to majority of its power woes. The Adani Group of India has signed a JV with the state government to set up a 10 […]

Softbank to invest in the hot Solar Market in India The Japanese Telecom giant Softbank Corp. will now invest $20 billion in the Indian Solar market. India is witnessing big solar commitments, since its target was upgraded to 100 GW by 2022. Softbank Corp. had made history since it invested in Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce […]

India formalizes its 100 GW target Till now India’s solar target of 100 GW by 2022, was not officially laid down and was communicated only through the minister’s word of mouth. On June 17th, however the Prime Minister of India formally announced India’s solar target of 100 GW to be achieved by 2022. The total […]

Malaysia and Taiwan to come under the wrath of Europe The Chinese solar manufacturing industry has caused huge pains to the western manufacturers who have been more or less wiped out. Hundreds of European solar manufactures including biggies like Bosch, Siemens have exited the business unable to compete with the Chinese, who have made solar […]

Huawei becomes 2nd largest solar inverter supplier Like solar panels, Chinese manufacturers have crashed the pricing of solar inverters too through large increases in capacity and reduction in process and raw material costs. Solar inverter prices decreased by almost 20% in China last year, as fierce competition for market share drove down solar inverter prices. […]