Solar Power – Punjab The northern state of Punjab released the results of its second round of solar tenders, in which most of the bids came between Rs.6.8-Rs 7.2/kWh (around 10-11c/kWh). The winners were the usual suspects such as Azure Power, Solariedirect, Welspun etc. The national developers have been increasingly cornering most of the state [...]

Solar Inverter Industry The solar inverter market is going through similar dynamics as the solar panel market, with 10% annual price declines being seen. Even though the overall inverter demand is growing rapidly with 15% plus annual growth, the ASP decline means that the overall growth is less than 3-4%. The competition is also rising [...]

Japan to slow down on Solar Japan could be the biggest risk to solar demand in 2015, as the country is facing grid connection issues and changes in FIT. Japan has seen a massive boom in solar demand in 2013 and 2014 with generous FIT leading to a huge ramp up in solar capacity installations [...]

China instals 25% of Global Solar Energy China missed its 12 GW solar installation target for 2014, as it only managed to install 2 GW of distributed solar capacity for 10.6 GW of overall solar energy capacity. While large scale solar farms met their target of 8 GW, distributed solar energy could not catch up. [...]

Germany to move to Reverse Auction Germany has been the most successful country in installing solar power with more than 35 GW of cumulative solar power installed. The success came due to the country’s enlightened EEG law, which decreased solar FITs every year without putting hard caps on solar installations. This led to a continuous [...]

Despite being a low income country with millions of unskilled workers, India imports large amounts of manufactured low valued added products from foreign countries, which could be easily made domestically. Stupid policies, red tape and high cost of land and capital has made India weak in manufacturing. The new government wants to really push manufacturing [...]