China faces grid problems in Solar China has been the leader in installing solar power over the last 2 years taking over the mantle from Germany, which has considerably lowered its solar power capacity additions. Germany is already saturated with solar energy and has drastically reduced subsidies given for solar power generation. Most of the […]

The Indian solar market has become remarkable over the last one year, with solar bid prices falling in a narrow range and large developers starting to dominate the solar auctions. This was in sharp contrast to JNNSM central solar auctions in earlier years when developers had bid irrationally low prices, as many of them did […]

Solar in West Bengal India’s eastern state of West Bengal has become a laggard in the installations of solar energy, despite being a pioneer in the solar energy manufacturing and installations. The state government owned WEBEL was one of the first manufacturers of solar energy panels in the country and there are still a number […]

Major foreign solar companies expanding in India Large foreign companies have been making a beeline into the Indian solar market, with every new day bringing a new foreign company looking to set up a billion dollar solar business in India attracted by Indian’s massive 100 GW solar target by 2022. Recently Softbank, Foxconn and Rosneft […]

India into another Solar scam We have really come a very long way in India’s solar industry with a recent deal between India’s southern state of Tamil Nadu and the Adani Group for buying power from 648 MW of solar plants at Rs 7/kWh ( (~11c/kWh) considered too high. A lot of the opposition parties […]

SkyPower bids the lowest at Rs.5.05 for MP Solar project With improving technology and declining costs, solar power is touching new lows each day. Madhya Pradesh received a very low bid by a Mauritius based solar company SkyPower. A price of Rs.5.05 was offered by SkyPower to a MP government owned power company for a […]