Wind Solar Hybrid – Andhra Pradesh Andhra Pradesh, the southern India state which used to be a power deficit state has now not only become a power surplus state, but also the hub of renewable energy generation in India. The state has already established a number of large solar parks in the state and has […]

New Solar Wafer Technology The last 5-10 years have seen a dramatic decline in the costs of silicon solar panel, mainly due to the improvement in manufacturing processes and increase in scale. The cost drop has been so fast and so steep that it has made solar energy competitive with major fossil fuels, such as […]

Sunrun Q2 2016 Results Sunrun Inc (NASDAQ: RUN) installed 65 MW of solar panels in Q2 2016, exceeding its 60 MW target. The full year installation guidance stands in between 270-280 MW, which accounts for a growth of more than 35% from the installation numbers in the last year. This is even higher than that […]

Solar Powered Mosquito Traps- Another important Solar Application In yet another technological breakthrough, a solar powered mosquito trap was made resulting in approximately 70% reduction in the malaria causing mosquitoes. This device was in trial period for the last three years on an island in Kenya. More than 400 thousand people died due to this […]

100 MW Solar Power Plant by TATA A 100 MW solar plant have been commissioned by Tata Power Solar in Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh. It is India’s largest solar plant commissioned till date, using solar cells and modules manufactured in India itself. This plant is expected to offset 110,000 tons of Co2 in the first year […]

Fixed Tariff model for India’s Solar industry Indian solar sector has seen a huge amount of success using the reverse auction tender method, which has led to massive competition amongst solar developers and discovery of declining prices for solar power. Unlike other countries, India has not been burdened with high subsidies that need to be […]