Solar Cells in Thailand and Vietnam One of the major reasons why Taiwanese solar cell companies made a sharp comeback after the prolonged solar downturn in 2012, was the anti-dumping duties imposed on Chinese made solar cells by USA government. This forced the Chinese solar panel producers to source Taiwanese made solar cells to allow […]

Country wise Solar installations in 2015 USA, China, Germany, Japan and Italy are the five largest solar markets in the world in terms of installations. According to IHS, solar installations in the world are expected to cross the 310 GW mark by 2016 end. That will be a growth of 675% in the last six […]

Rooftop Solar Policies in different States in India A target of 40,000 MW of rooftop installations by 2022 has been finalised by India and according to estimates ~70% of the buildings in India are yet to be constructed by 2030, which shall further widen the scope of solar rooftop deployment across India. Currently only less […]

Traditional solar panels have aluminum frames and are mounted on brackets that do not blend well with the home and building designs and somewhat makes the roof look unattractive. A Residential solar customer wants more sophistication and added aesthetics to his rooftop. These customers want more attention be given to the look of rooftop panel […]

Overcapacity in Solar Panel industry again The solar panel industry is again facing an overcapacity, with many of the top tier manufacturers looking to drastically cut utilization in order to deal with surging inventory levels. Polysilicon prices which had gone up in recent months to the $20/kg level are back to the $16 level, while […]

Transmission Problems in Solar Energy Solar power generation has grown at an exponential pace in the last few years and is still growing strongly, as prices have started to equal that of fossil fuels. Given the quick installation of a solar plant and the lack of any environmental or pollution issues, solar energy is becoming […]