Solar parks in India India is set to launch its massive solar park policy with the government starting the process of a reverse auction for solar developers, to set up giant solar PV plants in a dedicated solar park in the southern start of Andhra Pradesh. India’s new government wants to strongly push the growth [...]

GTAT Bankruptcy GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT) died suddenly and inexplicably after being on top of the world just a couple of months ago. The main factor behind the company’s death was a liquidity crisis. One of the biggest risks with small companies and start-ups is that the company runs out of cash before its technology [...]

Solar Installations by 2025 Global solar installations can reach 200 GW a year according to a new research by IEA. The report says that solar PV could supply 16% of the worlds’ energy and I see no reason to dispute this forecast. Solar energy prices have fallen by almost 70% in the last 6 years [...]

Solar thermal technology has become a failed one, with solar PV taking over as the mainstream solar energy technology. Solar thermal companies have been going bankrupt at a rapid pace and solar thermal plants are being cancelled left, right and center. Some of the solar thermal plants are being converted into solar PV ones now. [...]

More schools in NYC to instal Solar Panels New York city Mayor Bill de Blasio is all set to instal solar panels on New York city schools. The total investment will be about $28 million, from which $5 million will be funded from state grants. A total of 24 schools will get started as of [...]

Solar Plane in Abu Dhabi UAE and Middle East countries are oil rich countries and have been ruling the world in terms of oil. But they do understand that this resource is not an on-going source of energy and will exhaust sooner or later. Hence a lot of such countries are now investing in Solar [...]