Short Hanergy Hanergy stock’s valuation have always been absurd, not supported by any strong fundamentals. The market capitalization is higher than many top leading shippers in the industry. It deals in thin film which is not widely popular. Moreover, most of its shipments are internal, recognising revenues form its parent company. I highly doubt the [...]

Global Solar capacity to reach ~500 GW in 2019 Total solar capacity to reach close to 500 GW in 2019, according to a recent report by IHS. This will be a 177% increase from 2014. The total demand is expected to reach 75GW in 2019, which will be 66% higher than in 2014. The annual [...]

Jinko Solar – First one in Malaysia Jinko Solar (JKS) is one of the lowest cost producers of solar panels. The company is vertically integrated and amongst the top three shippers in the last year. Jinko Solar gave a strong set of results for 2014, performing well on all fronts. Net profit for the whole [...]

Chinese Solar Industry in more trouble Chinese solar product makers have been facing trade sanctions from different countries at different points of time. USA was the first of the block putting high anti-dumping duties on solar panel imports from China. When the smart Chinese solar module producers circumvented this move by procuring cells from Taiwan, [...]

Asia Pacific Solar market to reach $37.8 billion by 2020 The Asia Pacific region is rapidly getting solarized and China, Japan, India are the leading markets in the region.According to a report Asia-Pacific Solar Energy Panel Market by the APAC market will be worth $37.8 billion by 2020, achieving compound annual growth rates of 14.8%. Source: [...]

Yieldco Yieldcos are fast gaining traction in the solar industry today. A yieldco is a spin off from the parent company, wherein the latter transfers its assets related to solar projects to the former. Yieldcos thus help in maximizing profits by reducing costs. Yieldcos are a great way to create value for the shareholders, as [...]