Coal India Limited (CIL) would be a safe stock to invest in if it priced in the indicated manner that is a $33 Billion Market Capitalization.This stock won’t be a multi bagger but would offer decent price appreciation with almost no downside risks.At trailing P/E of 15x and 3 year average trailing P/E of 20x,the company is not expensive given its competitive strengths.Its dividend yield would be around 1.5% with growth of around ~10-12%.However if you exclude $8.5 Billion in Cash,then the stock seems cheap at around trailing P/E of 11x.It has a P/B of 6x and P/S of around 3x.With its ASP being at a 65% Discount to the International Price,the Company has a huge moat around its business model and I would recommend it as a Buy.

While their growth and margins are comparable to the private and foreign owned banks in India,the P/E multiple is much lower despite lower risks.The cause of this discount become apparent when you consider some of the loans these banks make.LIC had come under a cloud in nineties for making investments and loans to favored companies

Solar Energy in India has the potential to be one of the biggest opportunities in the Energy Sector in the 21st Century.The government’s strong backing through JNNSM and India’s favorable location for Solar Energy is a win-win combination.This coupled with India’s huge energy deficit and scorching growth makes it a no-brainer investment.A number of Indian […]

The Indian Defense Industry is great way to invest in an area which is Recession Proof and benefits from the one of the World’s Fastest Growing Economies.Here are Six Reasons that support that this thesis Pakistan – India and Pakistan have a long history of bloodshed and acrimony right from their birth when the British […]

The Indian Government failed to pass a law reforming the structure of state subsidies to the Oil sector .The Meeting between a empowered committee of Indian ministers was expected to loosen the control over prices of petrol,diesel and cooking gas.However the Government failed to make any headway citing high inflation as a reason to delay […]

SJVN was one decent quality company to offer shares amongst the sea of junk initial public offerings.The government which had faced tepid response to the IPO of its state owned companies earlier in the year tried to leave something on the table for the investors with SJVN.But considering the price action today it seems the […]