The main difference between MOIL and Coal India is the number of shares being issued.Note MOIL is going to raise only $300 million compared to the $3.5 billion raised Coal India.CIL had gotten 15 times over subscription which implies that MOIL can 150 times over subscription based on CIL subscription numbers.While the MOIL IPO Price is very attractive,the massive potential over-subscription would hardly lead to much allotment.However the government had done a good job in pricing the PSU share sales at a decently low price leaving something on the table for investors.Coal India IPO was done at a substantial discount to international peers making it a big success.Shipping Corporation of India is also coming out with a FPO where the pricing will be the key.

Shipping Corporation of India (SCI),the government owned carrier is coming out with a Follow on Public Offering (FPO) of 84,690,730 Equity Shares to divest 18% of its equity which will be equally shared by the company and the government.At the current price the company will raise around Rs 600 crores for the company with another Rs 600 crore going to the government. SCI is India’s largest shipping line by tonnage deriving most of its revenues from oil/gas transport.SCI like other shipping companies has faced a very bad 2009 due to the sharp contraction in world trade and dropping in shipping rates.However results have started to improve with the improvement in the world economy and it is returning to its normalized sales and profits.The valuation of the company is not expensive according to normalized profits however note that shipping sector in general does not enjoy high p/e due to the cyclical and capex intensive nature of the business.The pricing of SCI has not been decided as of now,in the secondary market it trades at Rs 156 which is near its 52 week low in anticipation of the share dilution due to the FPO.Here is a list of the pros and cons.


MOIL has a Net Worth of Rs 1860 crores and a NAV of around Rs 110/share.The Company will probably earn around Rs 700 crore this fiscal year after doing Rs 465 crores last year (which was a bad year for the industry).Operating Cash Flow has been generally higher than the Net Profit leading to improved cash position over the last 4 years.The Capital Requirements of the Business is quite low leading to high Return Metrics.If the Government sells the 20% stake at Rs 1500 crore that would give the company a market cap of Rs 7500 crore.Taking out the Rs 1700 crore in cash would make the company be valued at 3.2x BV and 8-9x P/E.This is a substantial discount to Global Mining Companies.


Like Coal India Limited,MOIL looks like a very safe commodity investment at a cheap valuation.With growing Indian Demand,MOIL can hardly miss continuing on a steady 10-15% earnings growth over the next 4-5 years.If the commodity prices flare up again like 2008 due to QE2,then MOIL provides a big upside as well.Its a good investment for investors looking to invest in safe mining plays.With government ownership,the typical Indian management risk is also greatly mitigated.

Coal India IPO the biggest primary market raising company in the history of the markets has raised a huge amount of investor interest.The investor is barraged with news,opinions,analysis,reviews,overview about the Rs 15,000 crore ( $3.5bb) money raising IPO.Coal India Limited (CIL) will become the largest Coal Company to be listed in the world and the […]

Earthquake Vulnerability – Large Dam Construction has been linked to increased propensity of Earthquakes.Massive Earthquakes in China and Uttarakhand in India were linked to the building of Massive Dams in these countries.Building of Massive Man Made Structures along geologically sensitive areas has not been properly studied and understood till now


While Hydro Power is a necessity for an energy starved and growing economy like India,its effect have to be properly assessed and understood before going on a hydro binge.NTPC lost almost $300 million after its 600 MW project was canceled 5 years after getting permission.This was done in the face of large scale protest by local groups and NGOs.2 other projects in Uttarkhand have also been rejected leading to more losses.

India has divested small equity stakes in a number of state owned Commodity Companies this year and the trend is expected to continue in the future as well.Metal Mining company NMDC and Oil/Gas Player OIL India were sold earlier this year and Coal India Limited (CIL),Hindustan Copper and MMTC are also in the pipeline.Besides Commodity […]