UN’s CDM panel which decides on the eligibility of projects under this scheme has come under criticism for being too lenient in approving projects.It has been said that these projects sometimes lead to more emissions defeating the very purpose of this scheme.The Panel has become more discerning and has rejected around 50 Wind Projects in China because they were thought to be profitable even without these credits.

The competition has been extremely high for these projects leading to zero to negative returns for investors.This is due to a) low electricity rates on offer b) Aggressive bidding leading to even lower rates.This new phase of projects seems to be repeat of the old program.Giant state utilities can easily bid to win even if they lose money in the process.

India’s Green Energy Sector got an unexpected boost when the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) mandated that utilities all over India will have to compulsorily generate 6% of their energy generation from renewable energy sources from the current 4% generation.India has approximately 167 GW of electricity capacity with 17 GW of Renewable Energy capacity,however the […]

India has ambitious plans for the growth of its Nuclear Energy Industry to meets its increasing Energy Demand.India’s Economy has been growing at a scorching pace over the last few years making the Energy Demand increase exponentially.Electricity Demand in India far outstrips the Supply with peak supply demand shortage in the 20% range.India’s government realizes […]

India’s Western state of Gujarat is one of the most developed regions in the country and has shown tremendous economic growth over the past decade.The state has been growing at a scorching pace under stable and supportive governments for the past several years.This state is home to Reliance Industries massive petrochemical complex and Tatas have […]

A huge 2640 MW coal plant has received a major jolt after its environment clearance was rejected by he National Environmental Appellate Authority (NEAA).This plant which is supposed to come up in Srikakulam district in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh.This rejection comes after massive protests organized by local fishermen and farmers whose livelihood is […]