The new face of India’s Energy sector India’s energy sector has been the star performer under the new Modi government. Though the new government has unleashed a host of policies such as Make in India, Digital India etc., the most progress has been seen in the energy sector. Electricity supply has become surplus in many […]

India’s power sector has been troubled in the last few years due to a variety of issues. One has been the supply and pricing of fuel. While gas supply has fizzled out, coal pricing had become too high for the power companies to meet their obligations of supplying electricity at the contracted rates. The distribution […]

UDAY – Another Power Sector reform in India India recently restructured its massively sick power distribution sector for a 3rd time in the last 12 years. This sector has been chronically sick, with debt of more than $50 billion and causing a lot of concern for the overall electricity industry in India. The distribution companies […]

The Indian distribution utilities which are mainly owned by the state governments have been perennially sick, due to the misguided policies followed since a long time. Electricity is a dole which political parties give to the electorate for winning votes. Free power to farmers and extremely low tariffs for the weaker sections have ruined the […]

Problems of the Indian Power Sector We have highlighted the problem of India’s regulatory nightmare in the power sector a number of times. Crazy policies and vote catching tariffs have made most of India’s state owned distribution utilities massively sick. Successive governments have given free power to a number of sectors and turned a blind […]

Green Power in a distressed state in India The Indian economy is in a massively bad shape and companies are groaning under huge debts. The 2003-2008 boom led to creation of a lot of assets which are not giving adequate returns these days. Most of the large infra players and conglomerates such as ADAG, GMR, […]