Private Equity Industry in India The private equity industry in India saw a massive boom like other financial sectors in the boom years of 2005-2008. While major investment banking sectors such as research, M&A etc. saw a huge recession in 2009, the private equity industry came out relatively unscathed due to the long term locked nature of [...]

E-Waste in India Electronic waste recycling and disposal is one of the fastest growing green sectors in India, with a massive potential for growth. Entrepreneurs looking to enter this sector face a secular growing industry for a long time given the exponential rate of electronic waste in the country. Not only is India generating huge [...]

Green Power in a distressed state in India The Indian economy is in a massively bad shape and companies are groaning under huge debts. The 2003-2008 boom led to creation of a lot of assets which are not giving adequate returns these days. Most of the large infra players and conglomerates such as ADAG, GMR, [...]

Retail Investors stay away from the Indian Stock Markets I keep laughing at stories from financial planners and analysts in newspapers, advising retail investors to put money into equity markets for higher returns. Retail investors on the other hand, have been completely uninfluenced by such advice putting money mainly into real estate and gold. Financial [...]

iPhone 5c Apple (AAPL) was widely rumored to come out with an iPhone version which would cater to the middle segment of the smartphone market if not the lower end. This would greatly enhance the company’s TAM as it would allow millions of users in emerging markets to buy Apple products, as the current lineup is simply [...]

E-commerce in India India is seeing a massive boom in online retail, with growth rate by top companies easily touching the three digit mark. Billions of dollars of sales are being reported now as the industry has started to mature and consolidate around big companies. While profitability is still elusive like Amazon, the massive growth [...]