The Indian industry has seen solar power emerge as the fastest growing sunrise sector, with the government pushing through billions of dollars in tender this year. Every major Indian business group is getting involved in developing solar projects, with scores of foreign investors getting into the game as well. This has led to a huge […]

Air Purifiers India With the deteriorating quality of air quality in the Indian cities these days, time is not far when air purifiers will become a necessity item in every household. An air purifier is a device to filter out pollutants like dust, cigarette smoke, bacteria, PM 2.5 in the most basic models to harmful […]

LED Industry in India India’s quiet but impactful revolution in energy efficiency through government LED bulb subsidies – LED price reduced by 75% in just 7 months The new Indian government has made some tremendous positive changes in the energy sector, despite deep rooted structural issues. While the renewable energy changes with strong support towards […]

India’s energy sector is set to become the center of world growth, accounting for over 25% of the world’s incremental energy demand in the next 25 years and will eclipse all other countries. India will require more than $100 billion in energy investments every year, as hundreds of millions of people gain access to modern […]

The new face of India’s Energy sector India’s energy sector has been the star performer under the new Modi government. Though the new government has unleashed a host of policies such as Make in India, Digital India etc., the most progress has been seen in the energy sector. Electricity supply has become surplus in many […]

Foreign funds in India will boost Renewable energy Foreign companies and funds have been making a beeline to invest in India’s’ burgeoning solar energy sector. With the government setting up an ambitious target of expanding capacity by 25x in the next 5 years, major organizations such as Trina Solar, Softbank etc. have already set up […]