Indian Governance System The Indian governance system is a chaotic crazy, oversized and lethargic. The competence level except at the very top is quite pathetic. The accountability is even lower since there is almost zero firing in the sector. Most of the government employees live a sheltered, secure life and a government job in India […]

Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Brand Growing In India The global consumer goods space is dominated by western multinational corporations such as Proctor & Gamble and Unilever. These companies have top world renowned brands and strong distribution and sales network across the globe. It is relatively hard to penetrate this space as a result of which Asian […]

Solar And Electric Vehicles Could Be Game-changing Technologies The industry has repeatedly failed to understand the rapid growth in solar energy update driven by the relentless cut in solar energy costs. The price of solar panels has decreased by a whopping 85% as per a recent study done by the Imperial College in London. Similarly […]

China Power Generating Capacity By Energy Type Solar energy was the second largest source of energy installed in 2016 in China overtaking other prominent mainstream source such  wind energy, nuclear and hdyro energy. In fact it was not far away from coal energy either. China installed a gargantuan 34 GW plus of solar energy capacity […]

Discoms Return To Their Old Defaulting Ways India’s power industry is a long term running mess especially on its distribution side with most of the distribution utilities holding billions of dollars of losses on their balance sheet and continue to sell power at below costs. The main reason for their mess is that they are […]

e-commerce Wars in India India which is the second largest country on the planet in terms of population has also become the host for the biggest e-commerce and cab sharing wars between global companies and local players. While USA and China has already seen winners in the e-commerce and ride sharing segments, India is still […]