Mahindra to expand its EV offering outside India Mahindra which is one of India’s largest automakers and one of the first movers in the Electric Vehicle space wants to expand into the overseas market. The company which has the most famous EV on Indian roads has not got much traction till now. Very few EVs […]

Electric Buses In India Why India needs electric vehicle public transport? Could a mass adoption of EVs help India fight rising pollution? India has some of the most polluted cities in the world with the recent winter smog in Delhi reaching hazardous proportions and blanketing the city in poisonous smog. Even small children were seen […]

NIO EP9 Electric Car Electric Vehicle startup NIO which has the strong U.S. and Chinese roots has become the most exciting startup as Tesla becomes a more mature company. This company led by former CISCO top honcho Padmasree Warrior has raised $600 million to become the most well-funded startup in the autonomous EV space. The company plans […]

China Set to Become World’s Leading Manufacturer of EVs China regards EV as a key strategic industry and wants to become one of the world’s largest producers of Electric Vehicles. The government is giving huge incentives for increasing the usage of EV in China and is also making sure that manufacturing of EVs is done domestically […]

Oklahoma Stalls EV Growth By Imposing A $100 Tax The oil and gas lobby is at war on multiple fronts with renewable energy and electric vehicles. The stone age did not end with the exhaustion of stones for use, and the oil and gas age will not add with the depletion of all the oil […]

Tata Power-DDL’s EV Charging Stations in Delhi One of the biggest hurdles in the adoption of electric vehicles is the non-availability of the charging infrastructure. While there is the obviously higher cost of electric vehicles, the other problem is that there are not enough chargers to power the electric vehicles. Unlike normal cars, electric vehicles […]