Will Govt. Of India Succeed in Promoting EVs Given that the Indian market is currently highly immature in terms of Electric Vehicle adoption, the government is using its own procurement to push the growth of the EV cars. The Indian government has come out with a procurement of hiring EV cars for its transportation department. […]

BHEL & ISRO sign MoU for EV Battery Production Indian state-owned companies have failed miserably in an open market where they do not have monopolistic or semi-monopolistic control. Some of the other state-owned companies which have survived or thrived are due to ownership of such assets which cannot be easily be replicated by private players. […]

Indian EV Market still In Developing State While the Indian government has extremely ambitious targets for Electric Vehicles, the action on the ground is sadly missing. There is a huge dearth of charging station for EVs and even the cost of the EVs is too high as compared to the normal ICE vehicles. The absence […]

Will NTPC, PowerGrid and BHEL succeed in their EV & Energy Storage Plans India’s large PSU’s such as NTPC, PowerGrid and BHEL are looking to electric vehicles and energy storage as future growth drivers for their companies. The Indian government has ambitious targets for both these technologies and there is massive growth potential. Already some private […]

ISRO could Help India Not Become an Import Slave to China Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) which is India’s space research organization recently announced that it has developed an innovative way to produce lithium-ion based batteries in a low-cost manner for mass production.  India is a nobody in the lithium battery industry which is dominated […]

Shared Electric Vehicle Concept In India The concept of Electric Vehicle and shared transportation are intertwined as they both help in reducing carbon emissions and increase efficiency in transport. Electric Vehicles emit less carbon and also are more efficient than the normal combustion engine based vehicles. Similarly, the ability to share cars is a green […]