Commute in an Eco-friendly Way The commute to and from work can add up quickly in gas expenses. According to Project America, the average passenger car gets roughly 22.4 miles per gallon while the average SUV gets roughly 18 miles per gallon. Despite efforts to improve gas mileage in consumer vehicles with hybrid cars, the […]

Indian Tyre Industry Indian Tyre industry is worth around Rs 300 billion for FY11. The industry was mainly dominated by the 5 players namely: MRF Apollo Birla Ceat JK tyres The 5 account for over 85% of the market share. The 5 companies manufacture tyres for all segments expect for two wheelers. In two wheelers […]

Aerospace and Defense Sector In times of economic uncertainty, an accurate risk assessment becomes very important for companies to succeed and likewise proper implementation of financial policy is also important as it ensures the judicious use of cash. The Aerospace and Defense sector faces particular challenges that differentiate it from the rest of the economy. […]

Auto Sector Auto Sector is among one of the most vital sectors for the economy as it is the key economic growth factor. Its direct dependence on oil use affects the national security, economy, and the environment of the economy. When the global oil prices are high, an increase in operating cost is seen for […]

Mahindra & Mahindra Limited Mahindra & Mahindra Limited (M&M) is an Indian multinational automaker headquartered in Mumbai Maharashtra, India. Company Information One of the largest automobile manufacturers by production in India Subsidiary of Mahindra Group conglomerate Founded in 1945 as a steel trading company in Ludhiana as Mahindra & Mohammed Founded by brothers K.C. Mahindra […]

Indian Aviation Industry The Indian aviation industry gave a very poor performance. We are still lagging behind the aviation industry of the other countries in terms of performance. It is needless to say that the sector is among one of the most technically challenged and under developed sectors in the economy. Kingfisher Airlines which was […]