Tidal Wave Energy Tidal Wave Energy is still a very niche technology with tidal barrages generating most of the electricity in a few power stations. Most of the tidal power plants using the modern tidal turbine technology are still in the pilot phase and generate negligible power. Tidal Energy has many advantages and disadvantages with […]

Tidal Wave Energy which utilizes the energy of tides to generate electricity holds big potential though it is still a decade away from reaching large commercial scale .Tidal Wave Energy is a niche renewable source of energy and there are only a handful of commercial tidal power plants in operation worldwide.There are a number of small companies like Pelamis,SeaGen which are developing unique technology to harness the power of tides and waves.However it will take a long time for these technologies to attain a mature stage.Most of the new technologies are still in the pilot stage while the developed Tidal Energy Technology of Tidal Barrages suffers from a lack of investment.The main disadvantages of Tidal Energy are

Tidal Energy is a niche form of Renewable Energy with less than 500 MW of Electricity Capacity worldwide.Tidal Energy generates less than .001% of the worldwide electricity generation as the Technology of this Alternative Energy is still quite immature.However numerous companies are researching ways to develop Tidal Energy as it offers almost unlimited potential at low costs and with no pollution.Tidal Wave Energy has not seen much commercial success except the almost 45 year old Tidal Wave Power Plant in France.South Korea is planning to build a number of Tidal Power Plants though the rest of the world has not given it much though.Here are the Top advantages of Tidal Energy.

Biomass Energy accounted for most of Human Energy Consumption before the 20th century before fossil fuels took over.Biomass Energy still accounts for 1/3rd of Energy requirements in a lot of countries and is the primary energy source for heating and cooking in rural communities.Biomass Electricity accounts for around 1% of the world’s electricity capacity of around 5000 GW.With advancement in Biomass Technology a number of Large Scale Biomass Energy Plants are being built in Europe.Even in developing countries like India,the government is strongly supportive of biomass energy and is giving various subsidies to support this alternative energy.Biomass Energy can play an essential role in off grid markets where there is a decent availability of feedstock.Each year millions of tons of crop residue and animal waste is converted into carbon emissions without being used up.Biomass Energy can convert this feedstock into useful electricity without adding carbon to the atmosphere.Waste to Energy is the most unexploited forms of energy and there exists enormous potential here also.Here is a list of the Biomass Energy and Wood Pellet Companies in the World.Note most of the companies are small in nature compared to the wind and solar companies.Most of the biomass electricity companies still have their biomass plants in the drawing or construction stage.Wood Pellet Companies are mostly private companies and not traded on the Stock Exchange.

India’s Biomass Electricity Capacity at 2 GW (including cogeneration) is around 4% of the world’s total Biomass Power Capacity of around 50 GW.US is the leader in Biomass Capacity with around 20% of the world’s biomass potential.India has set ambitious plans for expanding the biomass power capacity in the next 10 years.India’s Ministry of Renewable Energy has set a very high target of multiplying the power capacity by 10 times in the next 10 years.India’s Total Biomass Potential with existing Technology is around 25 GW of which around 8% has been realized till date.India produce s 500 million tonnes of biomass per year, 120-150 million tonnes is surplus

The Japanese Nuclear Plant Explosions would have sent shivers down the throats of everyone living near Nuclear Plants.Note Japanese Nuclear Plants are thought to be one of the safest just like the French Nuclear Power Stations.However the Earthquake and the subsequent Tsunamis have thrown the Nuclear Plant’s safety features out of gear.The reactors have already […]