Nuclear energy industry has seen a massive blow after the Fukushima incident, which led to the shutting down of numerous reactors across Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and Japan. Many countries adopted policies to completely stop nuclear power generation after massive protests. Even though Japan is again restarting old nuclear plants, it is doing so gingerly and […]

Renewable energy capacity additions has been rapidly increasing in the last few years, turbo charged by the rapid growth in solar energy capacity. While wind power capacity has been quite high, cheap solar power has doubled the rate of renewable energy capacity additions. RE capacity addition was more than 53% of the total global capacity […]

EDF’s Joint Venture in India French energy giant EDF has formed another billion dollar joint venture to invest in India’s burgeoning renewable energy sector. This JV formed with SITAC group proposes to invest in India’s wind energy sector, aiming to set up a capacity of 1000 MW in the coming years. Note this will be […]

The Indian power minister Piyush Goel has been trying to structurally reform India’s electricity sector by recently introducing the UDAY scheme, in which India’s Achilles heel would be reformed. The distribution companies which owe billions of dollars to Indian government banks and the power financing corporations, have been set on a path to profitability. One […]

Isn’t IEA’s Fossil Fuel projections too optimistic International Energy Agency (IEA) is the world’s premier source of global energy trends and forecasts. Its predictions and estimates are universally used by policy makers, company CEOs and investors to make plans regarding the future trajectory of energy demand and prices. However the institute has been failing to […]

The Indian nuclear energy ambitions have not really fructified after a great deal was made out of the USA Indian nuclear agreement in 2009, in which India got exempted from the sanctions after the 1998 nuclear bomb tests. However despite the agreement, nuclear capacity has not really climbed up much in the last 5-6 years. […]