Other than the green credentials, increasing grid power tariffs for commercial and industrial consumers, falling prices for renewable projects has propelled a faster adoption of solar power by the Indian corporates. Companies can buy renewable power through corporate renewable Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). Corporate renewable PPAs help companies reduce current electricity costs and increase visibility over […]

Hybrid Wind-Solar Plant – India According to a new report, a solar and wind hybrid plant would cost 5%-7% less in capital costs, compared to a stand-alone wind or solar plant. India has massive plans to grow renewable energy sources of power generation over the coming decade. While the ministries pass policies for the development […]

India Solar addition in Q2 2018 India installed a whopping 1,372 MW of solar energy in the recent April-June quarter. This marked the fourth consecutive quarter where the solar capacity addition was more than thermal power capacity addition. A total capacity of 2.2 GW was added across India during this time, of which solar accounted for more than […]

Renewable Energy tenders in India – Suffering due to lack of Transmission India is blowing guns in all directions when it comes to renewable energy development. The ministry recently increased its overall renewable energy installation targets and is announcing large-sized tenders in order to meet the same. While solar has become the hot favorite of masses, […]

Amitabh Kant, the CEO of NITI Aayog (National Institution for Transforming India), which is a sustainable development policy think tank of the Government of India, recently put forward his perspective on India’s energy landscape over the coming decades, which is nothing short of impressive. He touched upon various important topics as the advancement of solar, wind, […]

40 GW Renewable Energy Projects pa in India India has planned to announce 40 GW of renewable energy projects for each year continuing over the next decade. The 40 GW power projects will comprise 30 GW in solar energy and 10 GW in wind till 2028. The country recently enhanced its renewable energy target, and now further […]