CLP India which is a subsidiary of Hong Kong-listed Power Company CLP is one of the largest private power generation companies in India The company is the biggest wind farm operator in India with around 450 MW of capacity which it plans to raise by another 50% to around 640 MW.Two New Wind Farms will be built in Jaisalmer in Rajasthan and Andhra Pradhesh.The company will use i WTG supplier Enercon with whom it has long relationship.Note India has seen a sharp jump in Wind Energy growth in 2010 due to state and federal subsidies.With Wind Power forming almost 70% of India’s current Renewable Energy Capacity,around 1.5-2 GW of new Wind Capacity will be built each year.CLP plans to add around 200-300 MW every year to keep up its pole position.

Siemens derives almost 30-35% of its annual 20 Billion Euros in revenues from its Environmental Portfolio.The company is looking to spin out its LED Lighting OSRAM business in an IPO later this year.Siemens has a market capitalization of around $116 billion so doing a simplistic analysis the market cap of its Green Business would be around $35 billion dwarfing the market cap of First Solar or Vestas.

Lovable Lingerie is an innerwear textile company that is coming out with a $20 million IPO.Unlike other totally junk issues which are totally hands of market operators,this one seems to have decent fundamentals and the valuation is not too expensive either.The company has managed to sell 6% pre-IPO to Sequioa Capital which is one of the blue blood PE firms in the country.However this should not be an endorsement given that a number of their investments have bombed in the recent mid cap and small cap carnage.Corporate governance and management issues in small companies in India is totally out of control so investing just based on pure fundamentals does not help.Also a number of other companies in the same sector in textiles remain at attractive valuations.That said the company does have good differentiation as it leverages on the fast growing Indian consumer growth story.The company sells Lingerie though top retail outlets like Lifestyle,Shopper’s Stop in top Indian metros and has good brand recall.Here are the positives and negatives of the company based on its DRHP.

India has around 300,000 Telecom Towers around the country , a large portion of which is not connected to the electricity grid.Another large portion does not have access to reliable electricity implying they have to install backup power systems in order to run without interruptions.Diesel Generators have been the choice of telecom operators despite their high carbon imprint.This is because of the ease of buying and installing diesel generators as well as the lower fuel costs as the government in India heavily subsidizes diesel.Note India’s Fossil Fuel Subsidies have led to hundreds of distortions in the economy.Corruption,Pilfering,Adulteration is carried out on a large scale due to government subsidies.In fact a senior government official was burnt alive by the Kerosene Mafia a direct outcome of this subsidy policy.But that is a separate issue.

Blackrock the Giant Asset Manger with $3.6 Trillions (yet it is Trillions) has decided to join hands with Irish Company NTR to form a new JV.The purpose of this JV will be to invest directly into cleantech assets and infrastructure.The JV will be a part of the Alternative Energy division of Blackrock which already has $110 billion in cleantech funds.Note NTR is an Irish firm with interest in waste management,ethanol,biomass energy and solar thermal energy.It recently ran into major problems as its subsidiary Tessera Energy faced major delays in implementing 2 Solar Thermal Plants in USA (Imperial Valley and Calico) despite getting US Govt approvals.Tessera problems had a dire effect on the parent company financials resulting in the selling of these 2 solar thermal projects.

India has been trying to build tidal power plants in order to take advantage of around 8 GW of potential tidal wave power capacity potential in India.Note Gujarat has been at the forefront of these efforts with most of the tidal power capacity Gulf of Cambay and Gulf of Kutch.While there have been reports of the go-ahead for these tidal energy plants,nothing concrete has come out of it .Note Tidal Energy is in a very immature stage compared to other forms of Renewable Energy like Solar,Wind and Biomass Energy.Tidal Energy like Wave Energy is still in the demo stage even in developed countries of the West where technology innovation is much higher.