India has one of the world’s largest renewable energy capacity, ranking amongst the top 5 countries in the world in terms of installed wind energy and solar thermal power capacities. But the bad news is that the country remains way behind China, in total installed capacity and future installed forecasts. Per capita renewable energy generation [...]

Moser Baer to do an IPO Moser Baer Projects now known as Hindustan Cleanenergy plans to do an IPO in the stock markets this year. The company which saw a large investment by US based Blackstone is now focusing on building solar farms, giving up on other fuel forms like thermal power plants. The company [...]

India misses its Green Energy Target The Indian renewable energy industry is not in the pink of health, as is portrayed by a number of ignorant mainstream media journalists. The country’s wind energy sector has taken a battering over the last two years as subsidies have been abruptly removed, grid constraints have cropped up and [...]

NTPC is collaborating with Geological Survey of India to look into building India’s first geothermal plant at Tattapani at Chattisgarh. Note India does not have a commercial geothermal plant yet. Geothermal energy has not really caught on despite its obvious advantage. It requires no fuel, works 24 hours a day and is totally green. Read [...]

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No obligation to meet RPO & SPO Targets Renewable energy in India has been facing a lot of issues on different fronts. Despite Indian government’s National Action Plan for Climate Change, which mandates that 15% of India’s power should come from renewable sources by 2020, the lack of credible implementation is hurting the green energy [...]