India’s power distribution sector is always facing a challenge of high debt and heavy losses due to vested political interests that always keep the power prices below that of the actual cost incurred by the utilities most of which are state-owned. Over the last 15 years, there have been a number of reforms that have […]

A lot of drama has been happening around the AP government recently. The new government at the state has turned the whole picture of the renewable energy industry in India upside down. The new Jagan Reddy government coming into power had challenged that the prices of clean energy projects approved by the outgoing AP government were […]

ReNew Power, one of the largest green energy firms in India has decided to put up its 300 MW of solar assets for sale. This announcement comes amidst a financial crunch that the renewable energy industry in India is currently facing. India has set up an ambitious renewable energy installation target to meet its growing power […]

While the Indian government has been tom tomming about the rapid progress on the renewable energy front in recent years, the industry is lurching from one problem to the other in the last few months. Some of them are related to the broader slowdown in the economy and the non-availability of credit for renewable energy developers from […]

India is facing an increasing demand for power thanks to its rising population and consumerism. As such, the government is trying very hard to make the country energy independent. It has set an ambitious renewable energy installation target that will not only reduce the country’s dependence upon grid power but also help to conserve the […]

I receive a lot of queries around waste-to-energy plants. It is encouraging to see that so many youngsters seem to be excited about the prospects of generating power from waste. Waste-to-energy plants convert non-biodegradable waste into useful energy. It is estimated that energy generation from waste in India could reach 5600 MW sufficient enough to power its capital […]