Oklahoma Stalls EV Growth By Imposing A $100 Tax The oil and gas lobby is at war on multiple fronts with renewable energy and electric vehicles. The stone age did not end with the exhaustion of stones for use, and the oil and gas age will not add with the depletion of all the oil […]

Tata Power-DDL’s EV Charging Stations in Delhi One of the biggest hurdles in the adoption of electric vehicles is the non-availability of the charging infrastructure. While there is the obviously higher cost of electric vehicles, the other problem is that there are not enough chargers to power the electric vehicles. Unlike normal cars, electric vehicles […]

India- Electric Vehicle Industry India has been a major laggard in electric vehicles adoption with only 22,00 vehicles being sold in the country, compared to more than 100,000 vehicles being sold in the U.S. and China. The stock of EVs in India is also miniscule compared to the global EV stock of over 1 million.  […]

Indian Auto Major Plans 4 New Affordable Electric Vehicles In $1,500 Range Indian automobile company Mahindra and Mahindra wants to focus on the affordable electric vehicles category rather than the premium high priced electric vehicles sold by the likes of Tesla. India is a low income country and a vast majority of cars are still […]

Largest EV Countries in the World The list of countries with the most electric vehicles is an interesting mix of the usual suspects as well as some surprises. The country with the most EVs is the U.S. which is followed closely by China. Country EVs in 2016 China 5,00,000 U.S. 1,50,000 Japan 1,50,000 Netherlands 1,00,000 […]

China sold more than 500,000 EVs sold in 2016 alone The Middle Kingdom never does things in halves and Electric Vehicles are not an exception. The country has a razor sharp policy and vision and throws enormous resources behind its plan to make itself the leader. This has happened in numerous new industries such as […]