China Solar & Wind Power Update The world’s largest solar market accounting for almost 30% of the global demand is all set to cut its solar tariffs by 6% next year and will keep cutting in increments till 2020. The same will apply to wind power as well, since the country is facing a deficit […]

India to install 350 GW of Wind & Solar India is looking to set up an aggressive target to achieve 250 GW of solar power capacity by 2030, up from 100 GW by 2022. Wind has been set a target of 100 GW up from around 30 GW now. The combined 350 GW of wind […]

One of the biggest issues facing the growth of India’s renewable energy power sector is the high interest rates and massive financing issues related to building of 175 GW of RE capacity. This would require almost $150 billion in financing, most of which will have to come through debt. Most of India’s banks are facing […]

Get a free chance to interact with one of India’s leading solar companies for solar installation/project worth Rs. 25 lakhs or more. The company will use their technical expertise to guide you about the installation process, advantages and do a cost benefit analysis for you. Golden chance to listen to one of the most dynamic […]

The US government now promotes Solar & Wind Energy The USA government has been a laggard in supporting solar and wind power compared to other developed nations such as Germany and Spain. While the 30% investment tax credit has helped fuel solar power growth, there has been no big bang policy of pushing solar energy […]

Dear Readers, We have started a new Greenworldinvestor Forum for deeper engagement, to answer the specific queries and to start discussions related to the green topics. Thanks a lot for reading our blog and I will be waiting for your increased support and participation on our newly formed forum Looking forward to your engagement and active […]