The US government now promotes Solar & Wind Energy The USA government has been a laggard in supporting solar and wind power compared to other developed nations such as Germany and Spain. While the 30% investment tax credit has helped fuel solar power growth, there has been no big bang policy of pushing solar energy […]

Dear Readers, We have started a new┬áGreenworldinvestor Forum for deeper engagement, to answer the specific queries and to start discussions related to the green topics. Thanks a lot for reading our blog and I will be waiting for your increased support and participation on our newly formed forum Looking forward to your engagement and active […]

Solar Energy leaves Wind behind The dramatic fall in solar energy costs are taking the wind out of wind energy sales. Solar installation is set to overtake wind energy capacity installations not only in India, but globally as well. We at Greenworldinvestor have pointed out that wind energy capacity growth has saturated with China and […]

Will Rooftop Solar be the New Global Solar Mantra Rooftop Solar are gaining popularity because they do not require huge amount of land as is the case with large solar farms and also reduce transmission costs. USA installed 437 MW of rooftop solar in Q1 2015, with California topping the list installing more than 50% […]

Renewable Energy Auctions A new study has come out with results that we at Greenworldinvestor already knew of and have propagated through our columns. The research by Climate Policy foundation says that auctions are the most cost effective way to increase the deployment of green energy, after going through the results of 20 auctions around […]

India’s Renewable Energy Target India set a record 4 GW of renewable energy capacity last year, as the new government strong pushed green energy incentives. Wind energy returned to growth once again, as the government restored the accelerated depreciation and GBI benefits. State solar auctions also boosted the growth in the solar capacity. Biomass and […]