Solarworld goes on and on its frugal journey Flamboyant CEO of Solarworld has failed to turn around the beleaguered German solar producer despite all his bravado. Solarworld has played an instrumental role in instigating USA for imposing anti-dumping and countervailing duties against the Chinese made solar cells and panels. The company also tried to do [...]

Bosch to pay Solarworld to overtake its plant in Germany Bosch has been one of the biggest losers in the solar industry, as we estimate that the company has lost more than $1.2 billion in its solar venture. Bosch bought two Tier 2 German solar companies for extremely expensive valuations during the peak of the [...]

Quasi bankrupt German solar panel maker Solarworld just refuses to die quietly. The company has been instigating solar trade wars between major trade blocs. It even managed to get duties imposed by the US government on Chinese made solar cells. This did not make any difference to the imports, as the other Asian companies filled [...]

A large section of the German solar industry has already shut down or been bought for pennies to the dollar by Asian conglomerates such as Hanergy, LDK Solar and others. The remaining companies are also on the brink of collapse as they are not competitive with the super cheap low prices being charged by Chinese [...]

German Solar Industry did not benefit from EU’s anti-dumping imposition The German solar panel manufacturing industry is on its deathbed and nothing will revive it. The ~12% anti dumping duty imposed by EU on Chinese solar module imports will not help the industry. One of Germany’s biggest solar system integrators/installers SAG Solarstrom has said that [...]

I recently wrote about the rising solar panel defects noticed in the solar industry. There have been recent incidents that talk about the faulty solar modules and their installation. It will not be incorrect to say that there has been a quality crisis in the $77 billion solar industry. Now Solarworld has urged the solar industry [...]