Another Solar Auction Cancelation Indian distribution utilities as well as large power aggregators such as SECI have frequently come under criticism for cancelling solar auctions or renegotiating the signed PPAs for solar power. The developers and investors say that this damages the investor interest by introducing uncertainty in the whole process of investing in solar […]

Stagnation in the Indian Solar industry The Indian government has made a massive mess of solar manufacturing policy leading to the closure or sales of multiple long existing solar manufacturers in the country. There has been a complete lack of a cohesive policy and ad-hocism which has contributed to the sad state of solar manufacturing […]

  India has become the second largest market for solar energy in the first half of 2018 beating USA with 4.9 GW of solar installations. Now India is second only to China, which kept up its record-breaking numbers of more than 24 GW of installations during the first half. Why Solar Growth has slowed in India […]

Why SECI’s Manufacturing Tender Failed India’s nodal solar agency SECI had come out with a tender to promote solar manufacturing in India. While India has become the second largest market for solar panels during 2018, the country’s manufacturing remains in ICU due to the massive cheap imports from China. Despite huge demand, India’s solar manufacturers […]

Softbank has often made grandiose out of the world plans of installing and manufacturing tens of gigawatts of solar panels in different countries. Softbank had first come up with a plan 5 years ago to set up and install more than 20 GW of solar power plants in India along with manufacturing. While the company […]

Apple’s 100% Renewable Energy Commitment Apple, the largest tech giant in the world has vowed to run 100% on renewable energy and has been successful in achieving the same. Running all your global facilities fully on sustainable energy is no small feat for a company as large as Apple, having a huge geographic footprint. Today […]