Source Wise Power Installed Capacity in India The total installed capacity has reached to 310 GW with generation mix of thermal (69.4%), renewable (14.8%), hydro (13.9%) and nuclear (1.9%). Clearly, renewable energy has registered an impressive growth in the last couple of years, becoming the second largest source of power in India after thermal sources. […]

About GST & its Purpose Goods and Services Tax or GST was implemented in India on July 1st, to replace multiple central and state taxes and to bring a better uniformity in the overall indirect tax structure. Its intention is to smoothen the way business is done in India. The implementation of GST intends to […]

Indian Solar Prices may rise as the government impose duties on Imports The Indian government has initiated anti dumping duty investigation on imports of solar cells and panels from Malaysia, Taiwan, and China. This was done after a petition was filed by Indian solar manufacturers seeking relief from super low priced module imports from China. […]

Fate of Wind Energy in India Despite tall claims by the Indian government that they would bring in a large number of reverse auctions to augment the Indian wind energy capacity which touched a new record last year, the industry is in a very gloomy state. “Wind, this year, is dead,” as per Sunil Jain, […]

Solar Plus Storage Powered ATMs in India India has hundreds of millions of people living in abject energy poverty without access to the power grid. Just as the telecom revolution in India bypassed the fixed line route and moved straight away to mobile technologies, there are expectations that a vast number of these citizens will […]

Situation of Falling Solar Prices in India Solar energy prices have fallen by more than half in India over the last 2 years causing a serious case of buyer’s remorse. Think you had bought a house for INR 1 crore and after 2 years it falls in value by 50%. This is similar to what is […]