Suzlon to turnaround Sun Pharma is India’s largest pharma company by value and one of the largest generic companies in the world. The company has grown at a rapid pace in the last few years and has been the poster child of India’s pharma industry, which has become a big success after India’s IT industry. [...]

India to solve teething issues before seeing actual RE investments Almost each new day sees a major renewable energy developer announcing multi gigawatt investment plans in India. Adanis announced a 10 GW solar investment in Rajasthan and so did the Essel Group, which has not built even 50 MW till date. Even major US developers [...]

Despite being a low income country with millions of unskilled workers, India imports large amounts of manufactured low valued added products from foreign countries, which could be easily made domestically. Stupid policies, red tape and high cost of land and capital has made India weak in manufacturing. The new government wants to really push manufacturing [...]

Reducing Unemployment in India by Solar The Times of India has reported that the Indian government is thinking of reducing unemployment amongst the highly educated youth population, by giving them an opportunity to build solar projects under the 100 GW solar plan. The government has recently announced that they will build 20,000 MW of solar [...]

Suzlon to sell Senvion Suzlon which is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of wind turbines, is looking to get out of its monstrous debt liability by selling its German wind turbine subsidiary Senvion. Suzlon has been going through a rough time in the last 4-5 years as wind turbine prices fell sharply, with the [...]

Electric Vehicle Industry in India India wants to increase its electric vehicle count to 6-7 million vehicles by 2020, which seems highly unrealistic with the current state of technology and funding in the country. While globally, the entire EV industry plans to have 20 million vehicles by that time, India wants 6-7 million vehicles. The [...]