Softbank to invest in the hot Solar Market in India The Japanese Telecom giant Softbank Corp. will now invest $20 billion in the Indian Solar market. India is witnessing big solar commitments, since its target was upgraded to 100 GW by 2022. Softbank Corp. had made history since it invested in Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce […]

India formalizes its 100 GW target Till now India’s solar target of 100 GW by 2022, was not officially laid down and was communicated only through the minister’s word of mouth. On June 17th, however the Prime Minister of India formally announced India’s solar target of 100 GW to be achieved by 2022. The total […]

First Solar starts 20 MW solar power plant in Telangana commercially First Solar starts its first Solar project in India. The company started the commercial operation of its 20 MW solar plant in Telangana in India. The company has plans to build up 200 MW of solar portfolio in the growing market of India. This […]

Most Indian Renewable energy independent power producers have not given great returns, except those which avoided biomass energy. Problems with land acquisition, regulatory delays and evacuation infrastructure issues have made returns low for most of these companies. These are systematic issues which is present with the whole of the power industry in India, which is […]

Renewable Energy Auctions A new study has come out with results that we at Greenworldinvestor already knew of and have propagated through our columns. The research by Climate Policy foundation says that auctions are the most cost effective way to increase the deployment of green energy, after going through the results of 20 auctions around […]

Power Trading Corporation India The new government has made an ambitious target to set up 100000 MW by 2022, up from around 3300 MW set up now. This will require herculean efforts on all fronts in terms of execution, financing, coordination etc. However, the government seems to be confused on how to go about implementing […]