Azure Power to Put Solar Panels on Railways Azure Power, which is one of the leading solar companies in India, has bagged in another order for 20 MW of solar rooftop project from the Indian Railways.  With this additional win, Azure Power has now become the undisputed supplier of solar power to the Indian Railways […]

Indian wind energy has been facing tough times of late with the whole paradigm of feed-in tariffs (fixed payments for electricity generation) being abandoned in favor of the reverse auction model which is much more competitive. It seems that these tough times are an inherent problem of the industry itself which has grown fat over […]

Large Indian government-owned retailers are facing a difficult future with the advent of Electric Vehicles threatening their business models in the medium term. Indian Oil Corporation, BPCL, and HPCL are multibillion-dollar Indian PSUs which feature on the Forbes 500 list. These companies manage thousands of petrol/gas pumps across India and also have the capacity to […]

India a Huge Market for Second hand Chinese Solar Panels While India has always been a major market for low quality Chinese solar panels, what is interesting is now that even second-hand Chinese solar panels are finding their way into the Indian market which is always receptive to low cost equipment. The Indian market’s obsession […]

Indian BIS Quality Requirement For Solar Panels Using certification and testing norms has been one of the best ways to discourage imports and promote domestic manufacturing. This also does not fall foul of WTO rules and regulations which make it very difficult to impose duties or give preference to homegrown companies. India has faced the […]

The Plight of Indian Solar Developers India’s solar developers have been looking very smart in the last couple of years as they kept on making money by bidding increasingly lower prices for solar power projects. The rapidly falling solar panel prices allowed them to keep bidding lower prices as the fall in costs more than […]