Gujarat Solar Policy 2015 The 2009 solar policy of Gujarat entailed installations of upto 1 GW with a total investment of INR 9000 crore. It is believed that the state alone has the appetite to install 10 GW of solar power. Hence the state’s new solar policy is out which will further encourage more solar […]

Suntech collaborates with Adanis again Suntech was chosen once again by the Adani group in India to supply to its upcoming solar project in the southern state of Tamil Nadu in India. Suntech and Adains had entered into an agreement to supply solar panels to its solar project in Gujarat in July 2015. Approximately a […]

Solar Cities in India India moves in track to have first of its green and clean solar cities in the country. With rapid development and urbanization, there has been a rising demand for energy in the cities of India. The MNRE had selected 60 cities in India where renewable energy forms could be adopted to […]

Solar is currently booming in India The solar market is gradually maturing in India, with installations seen across different states. Not only are western companies investing and expanding in India, the Indians are also trying to close the gap between target of 100 GW set to be achieved by 2022. A lot has been happening […]

India Solar to see new lows India’s solar auctions are seeing lower and lower prices being bid for solar power sales with each passing year. The latest giant 2000 MW auction by one of the states Telangana saw solar prices being bid in the 8.5-9.5c/kWh range. There were 184 bidders for the 2000 MW auction […]

NTPC to build solar plant in India India’s government owned companies have never been good investments. The main reason is that profit maximization has never been their main objective, but they have mainly been used by the government and its ministers for their own personal reasons. They are highly corrupt organizations with many minsters and […]