DERC to fix Renewable Energy tariffs Net Metering regulations will be announced in the Indian capital of Delhi, the next week. The tariffs for renewable energy will be then notified by the Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC). Net metering enables the consumers to reduce their electricity bill burden by supplying the extra electricity generated to [...]

GUVNL at a loss! The Indian government utility Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam Ltd. (GUVNL) has lost out on a case to reduce the solar feed in tariffs for the state of Gujarat. GUVNL has been trying to sharply reduce the FIT given to solar developers as per the Gujarat solar policy in 2009, which granted [...]

India’s Thar Desert Solar Project India’s large project execution record has been quite pathetic in recent years due to policy paralysis, vested interests, delays due to environment issues etc. etc. Thinking that solar projects would be exempt from these systemic issues is a pipe dream. India recently decided to turbo charge its solar energy building [...]

India rejects Anti-dumping duties India has decided to reject anti-dumping duties imposition on imports of solar cells and modules recommended by its ministry. The rejection was done due to massive protests by local solar developers who would see their costs increasing due to anti-dumping duties. Even though the costs would have only increased by 5-15% [...]

10 GW Wind capacity installation in India India is planning to go in for dramatic changes in its renewable energy policies to boost solar and wind energy capacities in the country. There have been rumors floating around that India may soon come up with a fixed feed in tariff for solar energy with unlimited capacity [...]

Solar Parks in India Solar parks are being aggressively built both by the government and the private sector to take advantage of India’s solar policy, which subsidizes the development of such parks where a large number of utility solar plants can be built. The first solar park was built in Charnaka, Gujarat and its success [...]