The Indian government has been extremely supportive about the solar energy sector making it a cornerstone of its climate change and energy policies. The government has been pushing hard to increase the rate of solar energy capacity in the country to improve energy security and improve access. It is also being done to improve India’s […]

Solar energy in India is the only major game in town for the electricity sector. The growth has become vertical, with tenders being floated left and right by central and stage agencies. Major groups have entered the sector seeing the strong growth, leading to high competition and low margins. The bidding has become intense in […]

India to install 350 GW of Wind & Solar India is looking to set up an aggressive target to achieve 250 GW of solar power capacity by 2030, up from 100 GW by 2022. Wind has been set a target of 100 GW up from around 30 GW now. The combined 350 GW of wind […]

Funding in Indian Rooftop Solar The Indian rooftop solar market potential is huge with the government setting up a target of 40000 MW, compared to only 350 MW which is installed pan India. This means exponential growth in the coming years and most of it will be driven by private players. Unlike the grid scale […]

One of the biggest issues facing the growth of India’s renewable energy power sector is the high interest rates and massive financing issues related to building of 175 GW of RE capacity. This would require almost $150 billion in financing, most of which will have to come through debt. Most of India’s banks are facing […]

India to become 5th largest solar market in 2015 While a lot of things in infrastructure and business may not be going as per planned in the new Modi government, solar energy is running on all cylinders. Solar energy will in all probability reach around 2.5 GW in 2015 and increase to around 5 GW […]