Maharashtra Rooftop and off Grid Solar policy Maharashtra has become the first state in India to come out with a policy of targeting solar rooftop and off grid projects. While most large Indian states have come out with a solar policy for all segments, nobody has focused on this segment. It is commendable in my […]

Things are looking bleaker and bleaker for workers in two of the world’s largest nations India and China. Not only are rapid technological changes reducing the employment prospects of semi-skilled and unskilled workers around the world, but now a global economic slowdown threatens further hardships on the worker class. Rapid technological change in robotics, Artificial […]

The Indian solar market continues to surprise observers with newer lower prices every day conducted in numerous reverse auction solar bids by state government, as well as central government owned agencies. While the power minister seems extremely happy by the low prices discovered in transparent and unbiased auctions, many analysts are concerned that this competition […]

The Indian government is proposing a bilateral deal with USA in the domestic content requirements solar case that India had lost earlier. USA had brought a case against India’s policy of reserving some part of the capacity in solar tenders for domestically manufactured solar cells and modules. We had thought it extremely hypocritical of USA […]

Important points to consider before buying Air Purifier in India With rising levels of pollution and increasing threats to health from the diseases caused, people are resorting to air purifiers to breathe in clean air. I recently bought one for my home too. There are ample air purifier choices available in the market today, which […]

India wind energy will suffer The Indian wind energy sector which did spectacularly well in the first decade of this century, cannot catch a break in the second decade it seems. The industry has been facing multiple issues which have stalled the growth rate for this RE technology. In the earlier years the wind turbine […]