Tianwei New Energy in a state of bankruptcy It is not news , that a large number of solar industry companies are caught in a death spiral and are unlikely to return to economic viability anytime soon if ever. A large number of these organizations are running their operations through doles from the state and […]

Yingli Bankruptcy The largest producer of solar panels in 2013 is fast slipping into a point of no return. The last quarterly result of Yingli Green Energy (YGE) saw both its revenues and margins plummet, as the company ran into liquidity issues. Without enough money to buy raw material, the company was forced to do […]

China poised to see $60B in solar revenues The growth of the Chinese solar manufacturing industry has been truly spectacular, ever since the country decided to make solar energy a focus industry in the last 2000s. Massive capital investments through cheap loans and incentives has made China the leader in global solar manufacturing with a […]

China Slowdown China’s economy is slowing dramatically it seems. Though the GDP numbers from the government indicate a 7% plus growth, the other indicators show that the growth is far less. Industrial growth is starting to show a decline, while the services growth which was growing rapidly will also reverse (given the stock market bust). […]

China faces grid problems in Solar China has been the leader in installing solar power over the last 2 years taking over the mantle from Germany, which has considerably lowered its solar power capacity additions. Germany is already saturated with solar energy and has drastically reduced subsidies given for solar power generation. Most of the […]

Declining Price Trend in Real Estate The price of both Chinese and Indian real estate have started to decline over the last year. While Indian real estate prices are showing as stagnant, prices in the ultra-luxury space in Delhi and Mumbai have fallen by 20-30%. Note real estate transactions in India are opaque and the […]