China’s Industrial Overcapacity The Chinese economy always had a huge problem of industrial overcapacity, due to the state directed policies and central planning. Artificial suppression of interest rates had allowed companies to fund themselves using cheap loans. This has led to a situation of chronic overcapacity in a number of industries such as steel, coal, […]

Top Chinese Solar Companies Performance – 2015 As FY2015 comes to an end, and most of the solar companies have declared their full year results, let us assess their performances. I will concentrate on teh Chinese solar companies now. Some of my favorite Chinese solar stcosks are Trina Solar (TSL), Jinko Solar (JKS), CanadianSolar (CSIQ), […]

New Chinese Development Bank for Solar The new Chinese development bank which has been set up as a competitor to Western dominated IMF and World Bank, plans to focus on lending to the solar sector in India as a first step, beside others green sectors such as the water sector. The BRICS bank is a […]

The Chinese have not only killed a once flourishing European solar industry through sheer economics of scale, cheap costs and government support, but have also bought numerous bankrupt European companies which have shut down production lines. Even South Koreans had taken advantage of this distress, with Hanwha industrial group buying erstwhile German solar leader Q-Cells […]

Overcapacity in China The Chinese government has been trying to reduce overinvestment and overcapacity in a wide range of industries such as steel, shipbuilding, wind turbines, solar panel etc. since a very long time. However, most of its grand schemes have come to a naught, as the local governments keep up propping local companies despite […]

Chinese Solar Inverter industry set to grow China has managed to become the dominant manufacturer of solar wafers to panels in the world, with a market share of more than 60%. The country made massive investments into this new green technology and went from around 0% in 2007 to its leading position now. Even solar […]