Chandigarh – Model Solar City In 2016, the rooftop solar capital of Chandigarh had issued a notification making installation of solar panels mandatory on the rooftops of residential houses measuring 500 square yard and above and group housing societies. With only two months left for the two-year deadline to expire, the Chandigarh administration is all set […]

Rooftop Solar on a Residential complex in Mumbai Though rooftop solar is growing at a snail’s pace in India, people have not entirely given up on this technology. Recently, a co-operative residential society in Mumbai installed solar panels on its rooftop which is helping it save INR 25,000 in its monthly electricity bill – that […]

UP’s largest solar power plant comes live inaugurated by Prime Minister Modi and French President Emmanuel Macron earlier this week. The 75 MW solar power plant was built at a cost of around INR 500 crore by French firm ENGIE, over 380 acres of land. The plant has 1,18,600 solar panels installed and will generate […]

Implications of Duty Imposition On Solar Panel Imports in India India is aggressively marching towards its 2022 target of 100 GW of solar installation. It had cumulatively installed 20 GW of solar by the last year itself. As India plans to impose duties on solar imports, developers are in a skeptical position and are not actively participating […]

India – ISA The International Solar Alliance (ISA) held its first summit in New Delhi this weekend which was attended by heads of 23 nations. The French President agreed to pledge over $860 million for solar projects in developing countries by 2022, and also applauded India’s efforts towards making ISA feasible. He also appreciated India’s […]

What happens to A Solar panel after its Stipulated life? A solar panel has an expected lifespan of 25 to 30 years. Over the ears of its life, a solar panel incessantly works towards absorbing light from the sun and converting it into useful energy. As such, the performance of a solar panel degrades over […]