India’s Latest Solar Additions Another year is coming to an end! And India’s huge solar power target looms in its face. However, the Indian Solar Energy is blazing guns on all fronts. India’s aggressive 100 GW solar installation target by 2022 is huge by all means. The Indian government is, therefore, trying to establish various rules […]

The Indian solar panel manufacturers are stuck in a morass as the government is dithering on how to save the industry in the face of billions of dollars in low cost Chinese imports. The industry has a large capacity but its cost structure is higher than the Chinese solar panel suppliers due to a multitude […]

The Indian Electric Vehicle Market India has one of the largest automobile industries in the world which contributed more than 7% of the GDP and employs hundreds of thousands of workers. It even exports a substantial number of vehicles to developing markets. However, the auto industry is led by Japanese company Suzuki which holds more […]

Fine for Indian Electricity Distributors In the latest from the Indian power sector, the Power Ministry has announced to fine electricity distributors for avoidable power cuts from April 2019. It has also made it compulsory for the companies to install prepaid or smart meters to prevent any theft of electricity. The fines would be imposed […]

Rooftop Solar Economics in India The Indian rooftop solar market is growing at an extremely rapid pace albeit on a small base. The rooftop solar segment has grown at a 117% CAGR despite a host of issues being faced by the sector. This pace of growth is expected to continue in the future as massive […]

100 GW Solar Plus Wind Tenders in India India’s Ministry of New and Renewable energy (MNRE) plans to tender out 100 GW of solar plus wind tenders over the next 3 years. They have also given a tentative plan of the capacities that will be tendered out. The ambitious plan has 17 GW of solar power […]