Electric Vehicle Industry in India India wants to increase its electric vehicle count to 6-7 million vehicles by 2020, which seems highly unrealistic with the current state of technology and funding in the country. While globally, the entire EV industry plans to have 20 million vehicles by that time, India wants 6-7 million vehicles. The [...]

Corruption In India Indians have to deal with blatant corruption in their faces every day, as political parties indulge in shameless looting of billions of dollars every year. This is not isolated to one party but all mainstream political parties and their corporate cronies are responsible. Some industries like real estate, telecom, liquor etc. which [...]

India’s Solar Fund India has set up a very ambitious solar target of 100 GW by 2022 which would require at least $125 billion in investment. Given that the country is capital starved, many analysts have dismissed this target and said that India would be lucky to meet even half of that target. The main [...]

The recent Vibrant Gujarat Summit saw the announcement by SunEdison and Adani Group that they would collaborate in setting up an integrated PV solar panels manufacturing plant in Kutch district in the western most part of the country. It will be a $4 billion investment with parts of the integrated plant coming up before other [...]

India’s Rooftop Solar Subsidy to decrease from 30% to 15% India is set to reduce the subsidy on rooftop solar systems to 15% from the 30% now. This is a sharp cut in capital subsidy by 50% and normally would draw howls of protest from the solar industry. But this has barely been noticed by [...]

Large Indian state owned energy companies such as OIL India, IOCL etc. have periodically made small forays into building very small solar energy plants, but they have done nothing much except generate sound bites. India’s largest capital goods company BHEL had made grandiose plans to build a large megawatt solar wafer, cell and panel manufacturing [...]