10 GW Wind capacity installation in India India is planning to go in for dramatic changes in its renewable energy policies to boost solar and wind energy capacities in the country. There have been rumors floating around that India may soon come up with a fixed feed in tariff for solar energy with unlimited capacity [...]

Solar Parks in India Solar parks are being aggressively built both by the government and the private sector to take advantage of India’s solar policy, which subsidizes the development of such parks where a large number of utility solar plants can be built. The first solar park was built in Charnaka, Gujarat and its success [...]

China emphasizes on Distributed Solar now China is going to push rooftop solar generation, which is falling behind utility solar generation. Most countries which have seen massive solar installations such as Germany, Spain etc. have started to give subsidies to rooftop distributed solar generation only. This is because giant solar farms reward only the large [...]

Now focus on Solar farms in India India is going to see rapid growth in solar energy generation in the coming years, after installing capacity much below potential in the last couple of years. Many of the laggard states which had not installed much solar capacity are now moving quickly on this front. Uttar Pradesh [...]

FSLR’s Solar farm in Mongolia We are Greenworldinvestor have chronicled how First Solar’s (FSLR) massive solar farm to be built in Mongolia was a non-starter right from the beginning. The plant which was announced in 2009 was just a gesture by the Chinese, to show USA that they would also help the US industry grow. [...]

Solar Components exempted from Duty in India Indian solar producers who have been decimated by the severe global oversupply and price fall, have finally something to cheer about. The finance minister in his budget has granted excise duty exemption to imports of parts used in manufacture of solar panels. Copper wire, glass and EVA sheet [...]