Declining Price Trend in Real Estate The price of both Chinese and Indian real estate have started to decline over the last year. While Indian real estate prices are showing as stagnant, prices in the ultra-luxury space in Delhi and Mumbai have fallen by 20-30%. Note real estate transactions in India are opaque and the [...]

Solar chaos in India India wants to increase its solar capacity by 33x times in the next 7 years and is pushing its state owned companies to increase their investments. NTPC which is India’s largest utility is taking the lead and has already announced a number of tenders for contractors to build plants at AP, [...]

State Power plans – fact or fiction The Indian federal government wants to raise the solar RPO to 8%, from 3% when even the 3% is not working. It also wants thermal power plants to keep 10% capacity for solar power, when power utilities are running losses and not setting up any new plant. Bureaucrats [...]

Funding for Solar in India One of the biggest problems in attaining India’s target of 100 GW will be the massive capital required, as solar energy is capital intensive. India is perennially short of capital and funding the $100-150 billion will be a herculean task, even if the other hurdles are removed. India’s banks are [...]

India Real Estate India’s real estate market has seen price stagnation over the last one to one and half years as buyers have disappeared from the markets, given the stratospherically high prices of apartments and villas. The real estate bubble which is sustained based on constantly rising prices, has seen one of its most fundamental [...]

China Solar Panel marketshare increases to 70% China has increased its dominance in the global solar industry, with the marketshare of its domestic solar panel makers now at 70%. Its marketshare of wafers is even greater at 76%, as the Chinese firms dominate all parts of the solar supply chain. The only part where it [...]