Rooftop Solar Policies in different States in India A target of 40,000 MW of rooftop installations by 2022 has been finalised by India and according to estimates ~70% of the buildings in India are yet to be constructed by 2030, which shall further widen the scope of solar rooftop deployment across India. Currently only less […]

Energy Efficient Fans in India The Indian government has succeeded massively in increasing the penetration of LED bulbs in this huge 1.2 billion plus country, through a mix of subsidies and smart payment schemes. The government went in procurement of a huge number of energy efficient LED bulbs, for distribution to customers. This led to […]

Will Tesla Make in India India has been trying to entice foreign manufacturers to set up their factories in India as per its “Make in India” policy, which plans to significantly increase the share of manufacturing in India’s GDP and provide opportunities to the hundreds of millions of unemployed/underemployed Indians. While some of these efforts […]

Low Solar prices in Rajasthan When low solar prices were bid in Madhya Pradesh (central India) last year, everyone was taken by surprise that a developer could afford to bid as low as INR 5/kWh (around 7 cents) . Everyone thought that this was a flash in the pan and would be just be seen […]

Smart Cities in India In January 2016, the Indian government announced a list of 20 cities to be developed into smart cities in India. Today’s era comprises of everything that is smart – be it smartphones, smart people or the concept of smart city. Basically a smart city is an advanced urban city/ town that […]

India has tendered a massive amount of solar capacity in the last one year, with intense competition leading to very low tariffs being bid. Many of these projects are finding it difficult to get financed, as the risks are high compared to the bids that have been put by developers to build a large portfolio. […]