Europe fights Climate Change Europe has always led the way in fighting global warming by setting up aggressive targets in green-house gas emission reductions for its member countries. Denmark has played a leading role in advancing wind energy technology in the world, while Germany has played a top role in making solar energy reach grid [...]

Environmental Goods Agreement The Environmental Goods Agreement is being negotiated by 14 countries/regions with annual traded value of over $1 trillion, to bring an end to the numerous wars that have broken out between different countries. Solar modules are also part of the 54 goods that are part of this agreement. Most regions are promoting [...]

Solar Energy can fight Climate Change We at Greenworldinvestor have always been very bullish about the prospects of solar energy growth, given the sharply declining costs, ease of implementation and its role in fighting climate change. Even IPCC is now acknowledging the same with its most recent 5th report putting solar energy as the most [...]

Climate Change Climate Change is going to impact everybody according to the latest IPCC report on global warming and climate change. The group’s report in 2014 about climate change says that extreme weather events will increase and crop yields will be adversely affected with the 1 degree Celsius rise in temperature. One off changes to [...]

A new research has been added to the debate over climate change, stating an alarming scenario: by the middle of this century, the hottest years could become the coolest recorded over the last 150 years.  The timing of climate departure from recent variability depends on location, but is a global phenomenon causing severe “economical and societal disruptions”, [...]

Global Warming The very well respected UN appointed IPCC has come out with its 5th report in 20 years and now says that they are 95% certain that humans are causing global warming up from 90% in the last report released in 2007. Most scenarios presented in the report forecast sharp increase in global temperatures [...]