Toy Rentals are Companies that work on the concept of Libraries where Books are substituted by Toys,Children Books,Children Puzzles etc.Toy Rentals are a relatively new concept and have gained traction in different countries first though they are far from mass scale such as Car Rental Companies.The concept of Toy Rental Service or Toy Libraries is fast catching on in developing countries like India as well where the obvious value add to both companies and buyers make it a sharply growing industry.
Toy Rentals are a Green Concept as they help in reducing Waste,Promotes Sharing and Reduces your Carbon Footprint.It not only is Green but also has the following advantages

1) Reduces Cost of Ownership of Toys,Books,etc

2) Allows a Child to Play with new and unique toy not possible in a single ownership model

3) Reduces the Space Requirements in your House which also helps the Environment