India has been making rapid strides towards alternative sources of energy like wind and solar. The country has set up an aggressive renewable energy installation¬†target by 2022 and has become one of the top ten countries in the world to utilize solar power with full zeal. In order to make this goal achievable, the country […]

Islands face huge challenges in supplying energy to their citizens affordably, as they do not have the resources such as coal, gas or oil to power their electricity generation plants. Most islands typically run on diesel fired small power plants which are exorbitantly costly. Not only is the raw material costly, but transporting the diesel […]

While India is making a steady progress on the solar path, the world is moving at a faster pace. Stories from the west prove that there has been a paradigm shift in the energy industry and India needs to catch up soon. Renewable energy sources like wind and solar have become too mainstream in the […]

Storage & Grid Concerns in India AES India, a subsidiary of AES Corporation, and Mitsubishi Corporation started the construction of India‚Äôs largest energy storage project earlier this year. The 10 MW project will be an inspiration for other utility-scale projects in India. The project is expected to support the network operated by Tata Power Delhi […]