Solar Equipment Spending to further fall in 2013 Solar equipment spending fell off a cliff in 2012 after a record 2011. Spending on equipment used to make polysilicon, wafers, cells and modules soared as the Chinese companies spent on equipment as if there was no tomorrow. The solar equipment spending reached more than $10 billion […]

Solar Equipment Industry The solar equipment industry made it out like bandits during the solar panel expansion phase during 2010 and 2011, when hundreds of companies bought solar panel making equipment from companies such as Applied Materials (AMAT), GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT) and Meyer Burger. The sales of solar equipment reached almost $10 billion in […]

┬áCapital Investment in Solar Industry projected at $2.3 billion in 2013 The solar industry has been sick in the last couple of years as massive over-investment has made it economically viable activity for many players. Continued financial strain made it impossible for companies to spend money on equipment, and they did not have the money […]

Solar Equipment To solar watchers, this headline provides no new information as solar equipment companies have not only reported drastic revenue decreases, but some have also gone bankrupt (LINK, Centrotherm). Most of the pure play solar equipment suppliers like GTAT, Meyer Burger are looking to survive till the next cycle in capital investment. Solar supply […]

Global Solar Job Massacre We on greenworldinestor, have been closely following the solar industry downturn which seems that it will never end. While solar job cuts are not new to the industry after low cost manufacturing in China, made solar panel production in Europe almost impossible, the sheer scale of cuts continue to surprise. After […]