Google vs. Facebook Year 2006 saw a remarkable moment for the search engine giant Google Inc. The word “Google” was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in the year as a verb, which meant as shorthand for “to look it up on the web”. Google needs no introduction; almost everyone on this earth is responsible […]

USA Big Business is waging war on Wikileaks as one by one,top US Web Companies take measures against the whisteblowing website Wikileaks.Note Wikileaks has uploaded thousands of secret USA government cables in recent days which are making headlines daily.USA Diplomacy has become an open book causing huge headache for the US government.These Cables follow leaks on the Afghanistan and Iraq War.The US Government has said that it might put an espionage charge on Julian Assange the leader of the Wikieaks website and threatening him in myriad ways.Now USA Big Business has joined the government in making it very difficult for Wikileaks to continue under the cover of US Laws.