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Major Companies Rush in to Capitalize on the India “EV charging” Gold Rush

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Despite missteps, the Indian government has strongly signaled that it will support the development of Electric Vehicles in India. It would even take some strong steps such as forcing auto players to make only EVs for two-wheelers and three-wheelers after 3-5 years. While the companies who already have huge investments in the ICE ecosystem are protesting vehemently, the trend remains towards the rapid growth of EVs in the country. It is only the pace that will be uncertain with the broad trend pointing towards the complete annihilation of the petrol and diesel-run vehicles. The sharp decline in costs and the technology scale-up of EVs will ensure that the country’s automobile sector will become electric, even if the government does not support this technology.

The development of EVs will require millions of charging points to power the vehicles on electricity. Huge charging infrastructure will have to come up across the length and breadth of the country. EVs will only flourish if there is a network of charging points along all major roads similar to the infrastructure of fuel retailing stations across all major Indian roads. Some companies have recognized the huge potential in this sector and are pouring investment rapidly to take the first-mover advantage. The Tata Group through its Tata Power and Tata Motors subsidiaries is racing ahead with plans to set up 300 fast charging points in a very short time scale. Tata Power is one of India’s largest generators and also has strong distribution across the major cities on Delhi and Mumbai while Tata Motors also has a strong dealership presence across the country. They are ideally positioned to gain from this opportunity. Also, read The Biggest Challenge for India’s Electric Vehicles – Just 206 Public Charging Stations

Japanese giant Panasonic which is one of the biggest manufactures of lithium batteries is also planning to set up 100,000 chargers in 25 cities over the next five years. The company has a solid competitive advantage with its know-how across electrical equipment, battery storage, and energy supply. Besides Panasonic and Tatas, Indian government-owned company EESL has already set up charging stations in Delhi and plans to set up multiple charging stations in cities across India.

The gold rush in EV charging infrastructure is just starting and expect multiple groups and companies to enter this sector as it has a huge recurring revenue earning potential over the coming years.

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