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List of Leading Waste Management Companies in India – Interesting ways to Re-use Ways

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Interesting Ways to Recycle Your Waste

The scale of the waste management problem is massive and rapidly growing in India. With an increase in disposable income and growing technology, the problem of e-waste disposal is also becoming acute in India. It is estimated that an Apple iPhone alone emits 70 kg of carbon particles. The market for waste recycling is huge in India with the country recycling only 30% of the 75% recyclable waste it generates. Lack of proper policies for the collection, disposal and recycling, and absence of efficient infrastructure are the main reasons for this poor state of waste management in India. Many cities have still not started even segregating waste at the household level. We need to act right now before it is too late. In fact, the theme of this year’s World Environment Day was to Reduce and re-use Plastic, which is eating up our environment.

Some firms and startups have come up with innovative ideas to use the waste and convert them into valuable resources. For example, 5 PET bottles could be recycled to produce fibre to make one t-shirt. Protoprint, a Pune based start-up converts plastic waste into filaments for 3D printing. another startup called No more Butts recycles cigarette butts. We already know how waste can be converted into useful energy, compost and fertilizers. India needs proper education in this regard. Together we can fight this alarming issue at hand.


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List of Waste Management Companies in India

Here is a list of the leading Waste Management Companies (arranged alphabetically) in India. The list is not exhaustive by any means. Readers can feel free to add on by commenting on the article.

Antony Waste Handling Cell Private Ltd. – is one of the pioneers in solid waste management and a part of Antony Group of companies, Mumbai.

Arora Fibres – engages in recycling plastic bottles into polyester which are later used as packaging material.

Attero Electronics – is an integrated end-to-end electronics asset management company in India. It also provides metal extraction services and operates one of the largest reverse logistics network, backed by IT solutions.

Eco-Wise – This decade-old Noida based startup engages in the residential, commercial and industrial waste collection and ensures treatment and disposal in accordance with MSW Rules 2000. It has a national presence in India.


Greenobin – is a pioneer in providing waste paper management and recycling facilities to industrial and commercial customers. It is Gurgaon based and provides office recycling, security shredding, recycling bins services.

Green Power Systems – is a leading waste-to-energy company in India founded in 2011. The company engages in the development of clean and low-cost technology for waste management solutions.

Hanjer Biotech – recycles mixed solid waste into valuable green products using green technology. The organization is almost a decade old and has a presence at multiple locations in India.

Let’s Recycle – is a Gujarat based organization that specializes in the collection of dry waste. It is an initiative of NEPRA Resource management Pvt. Ltd. Let’s Recycle deploys Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to track and monitor its activities and targets to divert 30000 MT of waste from the landfill by 2020.

Saahas Zero Waste – is a Bangalore-based waste management startup engaging in plastic bags (tough materials to recycle) and also looking at new ways to compost everything else. It was started in 2001 having a presence in Bengaluru and Chennai and currently diverts 25 tonnes of waste from reaching dump yards daily.

Sampurn(e)arth Environment Solutions Pvt. Ltd.– provides end-to-end decentralized waste management solutions for housing societies, corporate houses, townships, school and college campuses. It specializes in processing both biodegradable (food waste, horticulture waste) and non-biodegradable waste. This Mumbai based start-up adopts a decentralized approach to waste segregation, recycling dry waste and transforming it into cooking gas and fertilizer.

Synergy Waste Management – is a bio-medical waste manager in India.

Vermigold Ecotech – is a solid waste management company specializing in organic waste/wet garbage and uses earthworm processing technology. It is recognized as the World’s Best Practice in handling organic waste streams. As a result, high nutrient vermicompost and liquid fertilizer are generated that can be used for gardening.

There are many other start-ups worth mentioning such as Namo e-waste, Citizengage, Paperman, ExtraCarbon etc. operating in different parts of the country and doing their bit. They cannot be regarded small as they are doing a herculean task of cleaning our earth. I myself use ExtraCarbon services in the NCR region. You can choose to get paid for your raddi (waste) or can donate it to some NGO. I direct the proceeds to an initiative called Free Pathshala’s Raddi Se Tarakki in Gurugram that provides primary education to children of construction workers for free.

I have used two images in my article. Now the onus is on us to decide how India would look in future. My salute to these organizations and appeal to all readers to adopt diligent usage of modern amenities. You can look up their respective websites for more details.


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