Electricity Market Disruption in Australia The Australian electricity market has seen a massive surge in rooftop solar energy systems in the past few years with almost 20% of the Australian households owning a solar panel system making it the highest penetrated rooftop solar country in the world. Australian utilities have been facing a big disruption […]

Europe’s Solar Market in Grave Danger European solar factories have been closing down over the last 5-7 years as the Chinese juggernaut of massive low-cost products shows no sign of slowing down despite overcapacity persisting over the years. The European companies which were at the forefront of solar manufacturing have become tiny and insignificant in […]

Community Solar In U.S. Falling solar costs have led to an explosion of solar energy growth across the world with the USA being no exception. It has become the second largest market in the world with more than 10 GW installed. Most of this growth has come through large utility scale solar farms in the southern […]

Solar Plus Storage Powered ATMs in India India has hundreds of millions of people living in abject energy poverty without access to the power grid. Just as the telecom revolution in India bypassed the fixed line route and moved straight away to mobile technologies, there are expectations that a vast number of these citizens will […]

Situation of Falling Solar Prices in India Solar energy prices have fallen by more than half in India over the last 2 years causing a serious case of buyer’s remorse. Think you had bought a house for INR 1 crore and after 2 years it falls in value by 50%. This is similar to what is […]

Tangedco Fights Solar! The U.S. utilities have been waging war against rooftop solar energy systems in numerous U.S. states. In some states they have won by lowering the compensation for excess solar power fed into the grid, putting a fixed tax on solar systems and in general making life very difficult for rooftop solar energy developers […]