Solar Inhibits New Coal Power Plants Solar energy is not only becoming a problem for existing fossil fuel plants with its ever decreasing prices (already fallen below that of coal in India), but also plans for new coal power plants. The power industry has worked on the business model of long-term power purchase contracts (PPAs) […]

World’s Largest Solar Tender in India In an attempt to boost its domestic manufacturing, India is planning to launch an aggressive 20 GW Solar Tender which is also the world’s largest solar tender. India has a huge potential for the solar market. The country receives around 300 sunny days a year that’s more than 80% […]

Industrial 4.0, AI and Data Analytics in Solar Manufacturing The Chinese solar companies are rapidly improving their technology and scale of operations further extending their lead over the few remaining non-Chinese solar players. Canadian Solar recently announced that it would become the first company to have a 10 GW+ solar module capacity in 2018. It may be beaten […]

Unsubsidized Solar Market in India While lower prices of ground mounted utility solar energy plant in India have made headlines for a long time, rooftop and distributed solar energy systems have not made much of an impact till now. However, with a growing ecosystem of suppliers and falling costs, rooftop solar energy prices are now […]

Trends in The Global Wind Turbine Industry The global wind turbine industry is going through another major turning point as margins have started to shrink sharply due to governments setting up new wind energy capacity usage rules. The world’s top two players Vestas and Gamesa-Siemens saw their recent quarterly results being hit hard by lower […]

Multi-megawatt Solar Farms – Australia Though the Australian government has almost abandoned its renewable energy target with its New Energy Plan which remains ambiguous towards renewable energy, large companies are planning to build huge multi-megawatt solar farms. A number of companies have announced plans to build large plants. Indian EPC player Sterling and Wilson plans […]