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Powering Through A Solar Window!

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Solar Windows

Ever heard about Solar Windows? Solar windows are nothing else but solar panels made of transparent glass that is used to convert sun’s energy into electricity. It comes a s a perfect solution for people staying in large residential complexes, where installation of rooftop panels are impossible for individual apartments.

Advantages of Solar Window

One of the biggest advantages of using a solar window is the non-requirement of any extra space to go solar! Today’s cities which are in urgent need of cutting down their pollution lack empty spaces for the installation of a solar system. It is this constraint that countries are pushing the installation of solar panels on the rooftops of buildings. However, using solar window may help installers achieve partial independence from the grid.

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Installation of solar windows is also easy. Existing windows can easily be replaced with solar windows or solar films can be fitted over existing windows.

Solar Window

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Uses of Solar Window

These solar windows can thus convert simple windows into solar panels and thus into a source of power. You can charge different kitchen appliances, mobile phones etc. using a solar window.

Solar Window Technology

These solar windows are made up of photovoltaic glass and have invisible wires running that collects the energy and transfer it forward. The photovoltaic glass is made using the thin film technology. An electricity-generating coating is applied to glass or even plastic surfaces. This coating comprises an organic photovoltaic solar array composed of very minute solar cells. A company called SolarWindow in the U.S is working on developing this technology. If successful, its products could be eligible to be used on more than 85 million commercial and residential buildings in the United States alone.

Solar windows are designed in a way to improve the aesthetics of the building and are also available in different colors. Since the technology is still new, its efficiency is low when compared to conventional solar panels. Solar windows currently cost more than the traditional windows. Therefore it does not make much sense for buildings having an open area for rooftop solar installation. Though solar windows are still in a developing phase, it could offer tremendous help to offset peak energy demands and dense urban areas lacking rooftop space for solar panels could greatly benefit from this technology.


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