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Shared Electric Vehicle Transportation Comes to India

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Shared Electric Vehicle Concept In India

The concept of Electric Vehicle and shared transportation are intertwined as they both help in reducing carbon emissions and increase efficiency in transport. Electric Vehicles emit less carbon and also are more efficient than the normal combustion engine based vehicles. Similarly, the ability to share cars is a green concept as it increases asset utilization and reduces the carbon footprint. Sharing of cars has been seeing an increase in interest from citizens as it leads to lower costs and allows greater flexibility in type and time of car usage. With the growth of the “renting” economy, sharing of cars will see greater adoption from millennials.

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Zoomcars which is one of the biggest providers of self-driving car rentals has teamed up with major car player Mahindra and Mahindra to provide its E20 cars through its portal to consumers in Bangalore, Delhi and Pune. This will help push the EV sharing economy in India. Though there remain teething problems in India in terms of the lack of public charging infrastructure and the high cost of EVs as compared to normal cars, the trend of increasing EV usage is not going to reverse.

The early movers in the space like Mahindra is going to reap the benefits in the future when EVs will dominate the transportation landscape. Zoom Cars is going to use e20 cars using its ZAP platform.  ZAP program allows individuals to purchase the e2oPlus on Zoomcar’s self-drive platform, list the vehicle on a dynamic basis whenever idle, get bookings from Zoomcar’s customer base and earn cash to help offset the monthly ownership costs. As an e2oPlus owner, this brings down the initial cost of acquisition for the vehicle.


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