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Indian newspapers nothing more than Admags – Quality of content touches new lows

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Indian Journalism

The quality of journalism in India is quite low with most newspaper groups just writing to make ad revenues, instead of the other way around. Some of the material in the articles is of such dubious and fake quality that it makes me cringe most of the times. Compared to these, the quality of content in Western newspaper and magazines is of much higher quality. Analysis in Indian content is missing most of the times, with these guys just publishing what corporate PR people send to them. As online penetration in India grows and people start to become more discerning, I see a bleak picture for most of these companies.


I was surprised to read a solar company article in one of the most respected newspaper. It was so shoddy and incompetent, that it made me seriously question why I read Indian journalism at all. The content was pathetic and it would have not even found itself in a company product brochure. What kind of editorial review team allows this, is beyond my imagination. Most of the large Indian groups have become strong cash generating businesses with little care about journalism or maintaining fairness. There have been cases where some media groups have even asked for massive amounts of cash not to frame another business entity. Just look at the excerpt of information from this newspaper and decide for yourself

“Some of the other remarkable features of the Borg Solar Photo Voltaic Panels Include – Low Temperature Deposition , Low Temperature Coefficient , Most Efficient Functioning Even Under Shaded Conditions , Thinnest Silicon Cells For Light Trapping , Superior Product Quality , Genuine & Verified Components , Large Surface Area , 25 Year Performance Guarantee… Borg Energy offers comprehensive installation as well as maintenance services along with its power solutions. By selling its solar panels on a stand along basis, the company wants to give Indian consumers – commercial as well as domestic – greater options, accessibility and freedom to adapt its products according to their needs. BORG’s Solutions have been customized for India and the solar powered systems are designed with advanced technology by creating a completely new energy value chain that links renewable and traditional power generation, improves reliability, reduces pollution, and enhances utilization.”



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