Solar Power in Assam The Assam Government has agreed to provide 800 bigha of land to set up a solar power facility, which is expected to generate 40 MW of solar power. This decision comes in accordance with the solar drive in India. The Prime Minister has promoted the usage of solar and wind power […]

Jordan to build a Solar plant The Middle East has plenty of oil reserves, and the government loves its petrodollars. However with the current instability in oil prices, it makes sense for the country to shift its focus to the other renewable energy sources. There are two main concerns for middle-eastern cities in using oil […]

Solar in UAE Renewable energy is making big news these days. Lots of countries have realized the alarming effects of using oil and coal which are both causing global warming and are also limited. In stark contrast solar, wind and other renewable sources of energy are green, clean, abundant and also eco-friendly. Developing countries like […]

More Solar jobs in USA President Obama in his recent initiative to boost solar energy, announced 75000 new solar jobs. This will be achieved by a new program to train 75000 Americans for solar jobs by 2020, to be launched by the United States’ Department of Energy. The previous target was 50K. A new program […]

Florida Solar Power Florida has plans to install ~500 MW of solar power by 2024. Florida, the sunshine state of USA is currently ranking 13th in the installed solar capacity according to the Solar Energy Industries Association. The state has 234 MW of installed solar power at present. Duke Energy (DUK) has plans to install […]

REC Silicon to manufacture in China REC Silicon is a Norway based solar company, manufacturing polysilicon and silane gases for solar and semiconductor industry. The company spun off its solar cells, panels and wafer units in the last year to concentrate on polysilicon production. REC now plans to enter the biggest solar market in China. […]