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Solar Cell Price and Solar Panel Cost in India (per watt)

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Updated on: 5/8/2016

None can deny the benefits of using solar over the traditional electricity, given the high power costs in a country like India. Despite that, the Indian citizens are accustomed to sitting in darkness because of enormous power outs. The remotest part of rural India still does not have access to electricity. Given the above scenario, lots and lots of people are moving towards solar energy as a source of their energy requirements.

Solar panel installation either through rooftop or ground mounted structures are a way one can energize their commercial, industrial or residential properties to generate power. Many big industries and power houses sell the extra power after their captive consumption to the grid, for utilization by the community at large (Grid connected). India is a developing economy and needs to resort to cleaner, greener and also cost effective ways to move forward. The new government looks promising and also believes in the prospects of Renewable and Solar energy. We hope the country sees a revolution in this segment as well in the near future, as we now approach towards a more Developed India.

Solar cell and Panel Cost in India

In India, one can buy either locally manufactured modules or internationally imported ones from the international companies. Some of the good quality imported solar panels are from Trina Solar (TSL), Yingli Green Energy (YGE), Renesola (SOL) and Canadian Solar (CSIQ). They will cost around 40 cents per watt ie. Rs 27 per watt (wholesale prices). Globally the prices have slashed to 45 cents per watt. These costs are for multicrystalline modules as they are more prevalent in India. Monocrystalline solar panels are expensive than multicrystalline modules and are generally used for rooftop installation, which is not very popular in India. Though several programs have been initiated to create awareness about the benefits of rooftop solar in India, the country still is waiting to witness a boom. India has a target to achieve 40 GW of rooftop solar installations by 2022.

Read Solar Panel reviews and prices here:

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The locally manufactured solar panels will cost approximately 5% more than the prices of the international ones, otherwise their sales would be adversely affected. Consumers would always prefer the Chinese ones over India’s local manufactured panels in case the prices for Indian panels are very high.

Read some Indian manufactured Solar panel reviews and prices:

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Solar cells cost around 25 cents per watt when imported from outside India. Note India has minimal solar cell manufacturing capacity of its own.

In addition the Government also provides certain subsidies and loans for commercial and residential set-ups, but these are difficult to get in India since applications take a long time for being processed.

Please also share your personal experience and inputs in buying solar cells/ panels in India.


Sneha Shah

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  1. pramod ranjan arora

    What is the cost multi- crystalline modules per watt in Indian rupee, domestic as well as Chinese.

  2. kapil

    Are these solar panels produced by Indians? Then give me address ,, I will buy some of the most.

  3. Mahesh Verma

    Hi Sneha,

    I am looking for the Distributorship or Dealership of Solar Panels or other Solar Products. Please let me know whom I can contact for the same.

  4. manish patel

    i am from ahmedabad , tell what is the business scope of solar energy production with investment of 50 lacs

  5. Sneha Shah
  6. hitesh patel

    i am from vadodara and i need best solar panels for my projects which would be best indian or imported as i want to use it in medical services ( planning for rural emergencymedical backup system) from where i can get it

  7. Sneha Shah

    Hello Hitesh,

    In my view Trina and Tata solar panels are good brands in India. The companies are bankable and use quality material to manufacture their products. In addition to panels you would also require storage in my view, if you are at a remote location away from grid.

  8. parmod kumar

    Respected mam.
    I want to start a busness related solar power system. Please guide me.

  9. sandy

    Kindly tell the Total Cost of the Solar System for Running – One Domestic 220 Vac Ceiling Fan. Thanks.

  10. Soubhagya prasad rout

    I want to know about to make a2000wts solar cell for a average house how much cost to spend for that

  11. M.P.Singh Rathore

    Hi Sneha

    Myself just started SITC of solar equipments.

    Let us know the genuine manufacturers they can deliver the equipment on schedule / committed time frame.

  12. Divik Tyagi

    I want kva panel
    best quality product
    On lowest cost
    And also want to aware my locality

  13. Satish

    Please give suggetion for gov subsidies and how to make busness setup.

  14. dauananda

    i from mangalore i want 8 kv solar panel

  15. ganesh

    I want to start business in Chennai. Can anyone help on this.

  16. vivek

    I have 3 phase 5 horse power 4800 watt solar panel needs to pump please complete information, price and description Explain

  17. tejpalms

    i want start solar panel system street lights
    what is the cost for one light installation
    and where to get bulk quantity
    i m in mumbai want start out side city.

  18. M.Kumar

    Which is a quality manufacturer of Solar products among Su-Kam,Microtek & Luminous. I plan to tie up with one of these for business so kindly consider all aspects while quality,after sales, life etc

  19. Sanjay Kolare

    Which is a quality manufacturer of Solar products among Su-Kam,Microtek & Luminous. I plan to tie up with one of these for business so kindly consider all aspects while quality,after sales, life etc

  20. Akhilesh Gupta

    is any company manufacturing solar cell in in India .
    Please give detail

  21. Sneha Shah

    Hi Akhilesh,

    As far as I know Indosolar, Emmvee, Moser baer are cell manufacturers

  22. Manoj

    From whom to purchase Trina solar panels

  23. sukhjinder

    hi, I want to purchase solar panels. plz give me address of dealers in punjab or chandigarh. my correct email is

  24. Sneha Shah

    hello manoj,

    I am not sure if Trina sells in retail quantities. If you are willing to purchase in bulk, please let me know. Regards, sneha

  25. Sneha Shah

    hello Sukhjinder,

    Please chk your inbox. Have mailed you the list of distributors registered with us. Thanks!

  26. Akash

    Hi, i want to start business in surat.., plz give me right direction.

  27. MS Viswa

    Hello Sneha,

    I am planning for solar panel setup at my home(4 fan/4tube light/1.5 ton AC–1no/water Heater–1no) ,what is capacity required and what is price per watt inclusive of inverter&battery?

  28. hemraj kachhawa

    hello mam,i wanna start besuiness of solar products and installation in rajasthan.tell me about best solar companies and low i will get franchisy??

  29. Raj kumat

    I want to setup small business in solar system.
    I want to buy Trina and yingli solar modules nearby delhi.
    Plz tell me from where I can buy these panels at minimum price

  30. chandresh jain

    I want to setup a wafers & ingots making plant in hyderabad.please tell me total cost for this plant and govt. plans.

  31. Sneha Shah

    Dear Raj,

    Thanks for your question and reading my blog! What are the quantities that you are looking at buying. I can share with you the Trina Solar conatct in India, but I am not aware about Yingli Solar contact in India.

  32. Pat

    Hello Dear, I need an immediate quote from multiple companies that you believe can deliver 15MW parts and pieces and or full panels and shipping costs to Santa Barbara CA USA. This will be an ongoing and quickly expanding project and is shovel ready both with ready fields and manufacturing equipment is lights on….any interested parties financially would be a great help through phase one ramp up….the rest New York will handle with already interested renewable energy funds… Thank you

  33. Sneha Shah

    Dear Mr. Mishra,

    Solar is bound to grow by leaps and bounds in India.
    i) It is getting cheaper
    ii) It has government support
    iii) It solves environmental and pollution issues
    iv) Electricity is getiing unrealiable and expensive in India

  34. Sunil Mathur

    I want to setup small business in solar system in Delhi. how to start, from where to buy cells. how the govt. subsidies work. how much minimum investment required, how big space required. can we assemble pannel .


    hello mam,
    i want 1 KW solar panel for roof top pv system so can you suggest which panel is good and please give me the price of that panel.

  36. Sneha Shah

    Dear Urmil,

    Thanks for writing to us and reading our blog. Vikram Solar in indian make or u can go for the Chinese Tier 1 suppliers like TRina, Jinko etc. First Solar is also highly efficienct thin film modules.

  37. Deepak Bhatnagar

    Hi Sneha,
    What do you think about Solar operated Split AC units (operating on DC power not AC). I am a engineer by profession and have worked green power in West Africa quite long and now settled in India recently.
    I shall share my plans on mail contact.

  38. Aditya singh

    I want to open a small solar panal assembling industry.
    Plz tell me instrument and.raw matterial for this and where i can find raw matteriail for this and also tell me price of these raw matterial.
    Plz send me detail to
    Thank you.

  39. Sneha Shah

    Dear Aditya,

    Please check your inbox. Thanks!

  40. Birender Kumar Pal

    I want to have the competitive quotation for mono Crystalline and multi-crystalline Cell if purchase in Bulk. Also provide me the Data Sheet for the Same from YGE or TSL. My email ID is

  41. Dhurairaj

    HI Sneha,
    Me too have an interest to start a tiny unit for SPV assembling.
    Kindly let me know pls
    I appreciate your kind efforts to have valuable guidance.
    Best Regards
    Technical Consultant
    Mob: +91-9884317582

  42. Joy Panchal

    I am looking for the Distributorship or Dealership of Solar Panels or other Solar Products. Please let me know whom I can contact for the same.
    I want to open a small solar panel assembling industry.
    Pl tell me instrument and.raw material for this and where i can find raw material for this and also tell me price of these raw material.
    Pl send me details on

  43. Sneha Shah

    Dear Joy,

    Thanks for contacting us! We have known parties who are ready to giver distributorship/ dealership opportunities for solar cells and solar lights. Ping me on if interested.

  44. Sneha Shah

    Dear Birender ji,

    Thanks for contacting us! Would you be interested in buying quality Chinese solar cells. Please email me on if interested.

  45. Dilpreet Singh

    Hi Sneha,
    I’m Dilpreet from Lucknow. From last 6months I studied thoroughly for solar energy generation with PV Modules,as I’m from engineering background. Actually I’m not able to decide that either I go for EPC contractor works or go for pv module manufacturing unit at Lucknow(say 10 MW Capacity per year) For this purpose I am waiting to attend UBM exhibition from 7th Sep. Pl guide me which path is safe and feasible in Lucknow scenario. Sometimes I think to go for distributor ship and with a setup of maintenance workshop. Kindly give your valuable suggestions on-

  46. Bhushan Salve

    why solar cell is not manuafactured in india.
    i m interested to start solar cell manuafacturing plant.can i more info..

  47. santosh ch

    hi medum 10watt to 500watt per watt cosat . so only for solar penal price ditells only

  48. Sneha Shah

    Dear Santosh ji,

    The panel prices vary rom supplier to supplier. There are numerous firms selling panels today. They can be bought from dealers of imported panels like Tier 1 Chinese companies like Trina, Jinko, Canadian solar etc. or you can buy from Indian suppliers like Vikram, Waaree or other suppliers in India.

    Please not teh prices are very cheap at around ~35-40 cents/ watt.

  49. Jitendra

    I want soler panel so I asking whith batry 500wt with dilevry how much price in up so my email j. K. so please give me reply

  50. faezal

    Hi Sneha,
    Im from it worth it if i buy solar panel from india. What is the price for 250watt monocrystaline solar panel in india?

  51. Sneha Shah

    Hi Faezal,

    Why aren’t you buing from China, plus Trina Solar and many otehrs have factories in malaysia. I think you should get a better bargain rather than buing teh Indian make. Trina Solar is a Tier 1 Chinese panel company. Price in India is quite cheap:

  52. Pramod

    We are devoted to help you find the best energy solutions for your home or office. Solar rooftop systems begin at 100 watts and go up to 100+ kilowatts to meet the needs of a typical nuclear family of 4 members in urban/semi-urban homes or for commercial purposes, as required. Home usage of grid electricity can be balanced by installing a 1KW solar rooftop system that enables savings up to about Rs. 8,500 per year. When used in off-grid locations, solar energy can help save fuel costs by up to about Rs. 50,000 per year and provide access to clean, renewable energy.

  53. Navin Parmar

    how much expense for roof top solar Minimum ?

  54. vijay kumar

    please send me prise list of solar panal per watt 75watt to 250watt

    call on 7891653883 ,7015800499

  55. Ansaar

    I am using su kam panels which I bought at rs 42 per watt in delhi…can anyone provide me dealers details of Trina solar, vikram solar, indosolar in delhi at my whatsapp 7827993456 or mail at

  56. Arvind potphode

    Plz send solar panal price list
    I want to buy 500 kw solar panel
    My no. 9404248684

  57. Ramu

    Hi I want to know the solar PV cell manufacturing process, any of share the details of manufacturing process unit in India

  58. Nikhil

    Dear I want to start solar power plant to sell the electric city to upcl at Haridwar. How much money is required to setup a 5 Acer plant

  59. Gyan

    Hi Sneha,
    First a big thanks to you for doing a great job by spreading awareness for green energy.
    Now I am about to intall a 10 kw solar setup. I queried lot but confuse on which brand to purchase.
    can you pls suggest which one is best on ground of quality, after sales service and reliability basis among the Su-kam, renesola, canadian, vikram, bld and trina

  60. venkat

    Hi Sneha,

    We are doing home/offce inverter business . Now planning to do solar power for our clients.

    We are looking for 7.5kw solar water pump intverter(ABB/schinder) with PV module to lift water from 1000feet borewell.

    Need your guidence and advise to get best price and support /warrent to install in client location (Tamilnadu-coimbatore).

    With Regards..

  61. Babu Thomas

    Hi Sneha.
    I want to open a small solar panal assembling unit in Kerala.
    Please tell me the required instruments and raw materials for this and where i can find raw materials for this and also tell me price of these raw materials.
    Please send me detail to
    Thank you.

  62. Chandrashekar

    Hi Sneha,

    I am interested in setting up of small Solar panel assembling unit, please provide me the details about minimum assembling unit area, related equipment’s and price of the same.
    Also provide me information about initial capital to start the unit. ( )

    Thanks & Regards,

  63. Ashutosh Pradhan

    Hello mam
    I want to start a 1MW solar power plant please tell
    Of which brand panel I use and any about it….

  64. Tejvir Singh

    I want to buy 20 KWp solar penal for my factory. At what price Ican get ? I shld prefer indian or imported one ??


    I want to buy 3000 watt solar panel for my home , please give me price for the same .for Indian made /imported one .

  66. sagar kadam

    Hello friends
    I have install the solar plant in my farm to anybody can share more information to me..
    My email id ..

  67. ravi

    can u please suggest me how to implement solar products like lights etc…. in a state of andhra pradesh by govt.
    and can we(ap) start a small scale industries by unemployed persons in villages.


    Hi Sneha,

    I am interested in setting up of small Solar panel assembling unit, please provide me the details about minimum assembling unit area, related equipment’s and price of the same.
    Also provide me information about initial capital to start the unit. (

    Thanks & Regards,
    Davinder Singh Pawar

  69. Brijander kumar

    I am interested in solar power on grid
    4kw for home please tell me about coast and product and brand
    brijander kumar mob no 9416948901 from Haryana jind