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What is a Power Bank? Working and Factors to consider before buying in India

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Power Bank

Life is on high speed these days. People today are constantly busy with their electronic gadgets. Can’t imagine a life without them! Smartphones is a rescue to all the problems of the modern day. The problem is they consume a lot of energy and easily go out of charge since we are using them constantly. The problem is worse when you are traveling. You need it for Google Maps, browsing the directions or places to eat, stay or hangout or for entertaining oneself. So how to get your smartphones or tablets loaded with charge each time you need them, especially when you are out of the comfortable environment of your home. Technology today is advancing fast and the latest one in this area are Power Banks. They are available in all makes and specifications to suit one’s needs and requirements.

What are Power Banks and how does it Work?

A Power bank is a portable charging devices used to charge your portable devices like smartphones, tablets etc. It comes with a USB cable which can be plugged into the device to charge it. It is essentially like an external battery. You can charge your power banks before leaving your homes and use it later on to recharge your devices.

Factors to consider before buying a Power Bank in India

1) Device Capacity and Usage – The capacity of the devices is measured by milli Ampere Hour (mAH). The charger’s capacity should be more than or equal to the device’s capacity. A phone with 1500 mAH battery needs a 1500 mAH power bank capacity to fully charge it at once.

What is available – 2,200-20,800 mAH in the Indian market

2) USB cable and Ports & Points – Be careful of the type of port points the USB cable has before buying. Different smartphones have different points for plugging in the USB. So make sure the power bank you are purchasing has the same point that your smart device needs.

What is available – Now a days cords are also available with multiple points for charging different devices.

3) Price and Quality – Go for a good quality power bank, I mean prefer quality to price this time. It is very important to buy a good power bank, which will not discharge or disintegrate when you are traveling. Consider this – what happens when you go out of charge when you are navigating in an unknown city – it is really frustrating!

What is available – There are many cheaper options available in the market, but my suggestion is to go for a better quality.


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