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Cloud Computing in India becomes No.1 Technology Investment due to potential Cost reduction and Optimization

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Cloud  Computing in India – Concept & Issues

Cloud computing refers to the use and access of multiple server-based computational resources via a digital network Internet connection using the World Wide Web, etc.). Cloud users may access the server resources using a computer, netbook, pad computer, smart phone, or other device. In cloud computing, applications are provided and managed by the cloud server and data is also stored remotely in the cloud configuration. Users do not download and install applications on their own device or computer; all processing and storage is maintained by the cloud server. The on-line services may be offered from a or by a private organization.

Cloud computing in India is growing rapidly as it has become the top investment priority for IT departments in the country. A study conducted by industry body shows that most IT professionals are set to increase the role of cloud computing in their organizations given the large potential for cost reduction. Besides reducing costs, Cloud Computing is improving the automation and optimizing the existing hardware/ software resources. The main beneficiaries of this trend are going to be the cloud computing companies in India such as Zenith ,Wolf, TCS, NetMagic and others . The main hurdle in the adoption of cloud computing is ignorance leading to internal resistance in the organizations. The biggest issues encountered with the move towards cloud computing are:

a) Data security

b) Privacy issues

c) Integration with existing and legacy IT systems.

Despite these issues, more and more companies in India are moving towards cloud computing as the benefits far outweigh the costs. The value proposition of cloud computing is too good to ignore as the world moves more and more data and applications to the cloud. This trend is a further setback to PC companies such as HP and Dell which are already facing the brunt of the tablet mania amongst consumers.

Apple Killing the Incumbent PC Ecosystem

The spectacular rise of Tablets led by Apple’s iPad has once again revolutionized the Technology markets just like the iconic iPhone has completely changed the paradigm of the mobile phone market. While we have already chronicled the demise of the established mobile companies like Nokia, here we show you step by step how the PC market and its leaders Intel, Microsoft and HP are getting killed by Apple’s game changing iPad and its Android clones.

Increasing Cloud Usage

The study, ‘VMware Cloud Index’, was conducted by Forrester Consulting and ITR (in Japan) across 11 countries in the Asia-Pacific region. An additional 30 per cent of respondents declared that they are planning to deploy cloud solutions within the next 18 months. The study also reveals that 54 per cent of senior IT professionals surveyed in India consider cloud computing to be a top business priority. There has also been an improvement in the understanding of cloud computing with 72 per cent of the respondents claiming a good understanding, compared to 59 per cent last year.


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