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List of the Best Solar Energy Books – Top Free Online Textbook PDF Downloads

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Why Good Solar Energy Knowledge is Scarce

Getting a good understanding of solar energy is very difficult given the massive clutter given on the internet and the mainstream media. Very few people have a good knowledge about solar energy and the industry developments. Research on solar even by top research houses and organizations leaves a lot to be desired. Many of the research reports even by top global consultants are paid either by the pro-green or the anti-global warming lobbies. Even the unbiased research on clean technology is of very low quality in my experience. I have found that most of the analyst and research institutions have missed the big picture about solar energy and its technological developments. The forecasts about solar power growth have been woefully short of the actual figures in almost every year during the past decade when solar energy has grown in excess of 100% CAGR.

Why Solar Energy is Being Underestimated

I am surprised by the extent that solar energy growth is being underestimated by analysts and policymakers. Solar Demand has exceeded forecasts by a wide margin in the last 3 years. Despite doomsday scenarios Solar Energy grew by almost 40% in 2009 and by more than 100% in 2010 and 2011 . While this is on a low base,you have to factor in that solar energy is still being subsidized. Think of the growth possibility when solar energy costs decline another 50%. While all countries have underestimate the penetration of Solar Energy, I am taking the example of India which had been praised for its ambitious plan of generating 22 GW by 2022. I think solar energy will easily be 3-4x of that capacity by that time as India has a huge potential in solar energy. Bloomberg one of the most respected analysts in the Green Space has forecast 4.2% of US Energy Demand from Solar by 2020. This again is too low in my view. Once Solar Energy reaches low enough costs,then energy demand as a whole will expand just at the advent of LED lighting will expand the whole lighting market. The Potential of Solar Energy is not restricted to the Global Electricity Demand, it is much higher because it will expand that Capacity.

Solar EBooks

I have tried to do my best to list out both the paid and free download of solar energy books from the internet. Note while the free solar textbooks that are available online are of decent quality for the best solar energy books you have to buy them.


List of Best Solar Energy Books (Click to Read More)

Our Favorite

1) Solar Technology and Solar Engineering Books

a) Solar Engineering by John Duffie and Willian Beckman ( Our Top Pick)

Photovoltaic Design and Installation For Dummies (For Dummies (Math & Science))

b) The Physics of Solar Cells by Jenny Nelson

c) Physics of Solar Cells: From Basic Principles to Advanced Concepts (Physics Textbook)

d) Third Generation Photovoltaics: Advanced Solar Energy Conversion (Springer Series in Photonics)

e) Principles of Solar Engineering, Second Edition

2) Solar Industry Books

 The Economic Transformation of the Global Energy Industry

3) Solar Installation Guides and DIY Solar Books

Photovoltaics: Design and Installation Manual (Our Top Pick)

a) The Solar House by Daniel Chiras

b) Solar Electricity Handbook Guide to Designing and Installing Photovoltaic Solar Electric Systems by Michael Boxwell

c) The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Solar Power for your Home, 2E

4) Solar Books for Kids

a) Our Solar System by Seymonds

b) 13 Planets: The Latest View of the Solar System (National Geographic)

5) Solar Cooking Books

 Cooking with Sunshine: The Complete Guide to Solar Cuisine with 150 Easy Sun-Cooked Recipes by Loraine Anderson

6) Solar Water Heating Books

Solar Water Heating by Bob Ramlow


List of Free Online Solar Books

1) Mysteries of the Sun (Our Top Pick)

by Ginger Butcher (Publisher NASA)

2) The Birth And Death Of The Sun

by George Gamow

3) The Complete Idiot’s Guide to The Sun

by Jay M. Pasachoff

4) The Formation and Evolution of the Solar System

by James Schombert

5) Views of the Solar System

by Calvin J. Hamilton

6) Free Solar System Book for Kids

By Wikipedia



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