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How to get Subsidy for Residential and Commercial Buildings and Home PV Solar Energy Systems in India – List of MNRE Empanelled Solar Panel Installers,Procedure

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Solar Power in India is generating huge excitement with falling prices of Solar Power and government incentives under the JNNSM.However Subsidy of Home and Small Commercial Solar Energy Systems has not been big enough.Unlike Western Countries which are shifting their government subsidies towards smaller solar rooftop systems,the Indian government is supporting even larger solar panel  plants.This will lead to only large investors,utilities and companies being left in the fray and lead to lesser competition.Also there is no support for rooftop solar which will help to broad base the reach of solar energy.A Policy which helps distributed solar like Germany will do much more to boost solar in the country than supporting massive solar plants that will only help large companies making the most of the taxpayer subsidies..Note Delhi is the only state in India which is giving primacy to rooftop solar systems and is in the process of announcing a capital subsidy soon.The reason may be that Delhi mostly consists of urban homes and they have little option.However there is a subsidy available for small home solar power systems though it is difficult to get and only possible for large corporates till now.

Solar Subsidy only possible if you get it done  through a MNRE Empaneled Solar Installer

The Subsidy System in India is such that you can get the solar subsidy for your home system of solar panels only if you get it done through a Solar Integrator who is empanelled with the MNRE and has rating from CRISIL.To get a solar subsidy by yourself is highly cumbersome and not worth the effort.The whole system like other government procedures is mired in red tape and is totally opaque.You can get a subsidy  as the owner of the Project but you have to first approach the State Renewable Energy Dev Agency, fill in an application with a whole host of documents ,Drawing of the
location, Copy of Technical Details.This means in simple words that you can’t do it

What is the Amount of Solar Subsidy

For 2011-2012 ,The Solar Subsidy for a Photovoltaic System is 30% of the Benchmark Cost that is fixed Every Year by The Ministry.

1) With Battery Storage Rs.81 out of  the  of Rs.270/Watt

2) Without  Battery Storage Rs.57 out of benchmark cost of Rs.190/Watt

Additional Conditions

a) Capital subsidy of 90% of the benchmark cost, would be available for special category states, viz. NE, Sikkim, J&K, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. In addition, it would be extended for setting up only stand alone rural solar power plants / packs (both PV and thermal) in remote and difficult areas such as Lakshadweep, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, and districts on India’s international borders

b) There would be a provision for channel partners, operating in the market mode to access a combination of capital subsidy and a low cost interest for the end consumer, provided they can tie up with a lending institution

c) For the year 2010-11, the benchmark price for photovoltaic systems with battery back-up support is considered as Rs.300/- per Wp. In case of the systems, which do not use storage battery such as water pumping systems, the installed PV system cost is considered as a maximum of Rs.210 per Wp

List of Solar Installers in India List accredited by the Ministry for Off-Grid and Decentralized Solar Applications under JNNSM

A Company that is “Empanelled” with MNRE as “System Integrator”, they can “Directly” claim the subsidy on clients behalf.The Rating of the Company by CRISIL does not affect the Subsidy as a Company can be registered with MNRE only if it has got sufficient rating from CRISIL/ICRA

1. M/s Ritika Systems Ltd, Noida  CRISIL 29.11.2011
2. M/s Bergen Solar Ltd.,Gurgaon
3. M/s Nuetech Solar Systems
4. M/s Power Technologies
5. M/s Gautam Polymers
6.M/s Vikram Solar Pvt. Ltd.,
7. M/s Velnet Non-Conventional Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd.,Bangalore
8. M/s Granzor Engineering Pvt. Ltd, Delhi
9. M/s Laxmi Agro EnergyPvt. Ltd. , Kolhapur
10. M/s Thrive Energy Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,Hyderabad
11. M/s Kotak Urja Pvt. Ltd.,Bangalore
12. M/s Solar Semiconductor Ltd. Hyderabad
14. M/s HBL Power Systems Ltd. Hyderabad
15. M/s Emmvee Photovoltaics Ltd. Bangalore
16. M/s Agni Power and Electronics Ltd. Kolkata
17. M/s WIPRO Ltd. Bangalore
18. M/s Tata BP Solar Ltd.,Bangalore
19. M/s Sun Edison Energy Chennai
20.Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd.
21.Numeric power Systems Ltd Chennai
22.Mahindra EPC Services Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai
23.Moser Baer Solar Systems Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi
24.Lanco Solar Energy Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon
25.Philips Electronics India Ltd., Kolkata

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Abhishek Shah

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  2. R.K.


  3. Viswanathan

    i want to install solar energy plant for a residential complex having about 30 buildings. thats about 1000 residential homes. is there any capital subsidy. if yes how much and whats the procedure to obtain it.
    u can call me on 9890187344

  4. jatin

    i want to install sola panel at my house.
    my average bill is around 7000 so would love to use solar panel if i could get some subsidy as it is too costly without subsidy.
    my location is hyderbad near old alwal
    contact number is 9293749329

  5. Chakravarthy

    I need solar panel at my house & my requirments are two 32 inchs leds, two fans & 5 tubes, please let me know the cost & backup

  6. i want solar panel at my house and my requirements are 2 fans and 8 tube lights

    i want solar panel at my house and my requirements are 2 fans and 8 tube lights

  7. vijay patel

    helo sir
    i m live in jasdan wat cost of solar system for my home
    pls give me a full gide solar insallations
    can i sell solar penal in my area
    my town is about 60km to rajkot
    my number is 9428265032

  8. RAGHU

    i need solar power for my petrol pump 7 kv

  9. NP

    I am resident of Jubillee Hills, Hyderabad and would like to install solar power for my domestic purpose, I would like to have the best technology available with hassle free system. 8978594343

  10. yutinder sharma

    My requirement for three tube light, one geyser, three fans. What we have to do & what is total expense ?

  11. Praveen kumar

    Hi My name is praveen kumar . Me construted a new house i would like to take the solar system to my house . It is 2 floor . How can i get the Subsidy and its detail .Pls call me 9908971824

  12. suchith Kumar

    i want to install solar energy plant for a residential complex having about 190 residential homes. is there any capital subsidy. if yes how much and whats the procedure to obtain it. Or need solar panel at my house & my requirments are 3 fans & 5 tubes, please let me know the cost
    u can call me on 9989602569

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