Here is an  analysis on how small IPOs over the past few years are trading way off their highs . Small IPOs trade way below their record highs – Economic Times Good things come in small packets, so goes the saying. But the adage will have to make an exception when it comes to the […]

Nokia which is the undisputed king of the Indian market is facing  not only increased competition in the high end space from smartphones by Apple,RIMM,Google and others but also in the low priced end. A number of Indian companies like Olive,Micromax etc have made inroads with cheaper and feature rich handsets. Nokia has a much […]

The junk quality of the IPO offerings in the Indian market is making new lows. Despite the markets making new highs most of these low quality issues are barely getting subscribed or even failing to get subscriptions altogether.After getting burned by Reliance Power 2 years ago , Indian investors are becoming more discerning in subscribing […]

One of my pet theories is that they we see a lot of distortions and oppurtunities for arbitrage is because labor is not globalized while capital and trade are . When capital and goods/services with some restrictions can move freely around the globe , there are innumerable restrictions on movement of labor leading to outsourcing. […]

There have been numerous industry rumors that Spain may cut back on the guaranteed FIT rates that it has given to solar plants in the past.This would not only cause a huge amount of problem for renewable energy in Spain but have repercussions throughout the world as private investors in renewable energy  rethink about the […]

I have never been a fan of carbon credit mechanism under the Kyoto Protocol.While it is a market driven mechanism it has features which allow it to be gamed ,if not defrauded by connected people and organizations.Why should a hotel for example get a carbon credit for increasing energy efficiency for installing CFL lights while […]