China’s Green Stimulus policies has been massively biased towards the growth of domestic industries.Electric Vehicles is no different with China recently introducing Fuel Efficiency Subsidies in Auto Industry exclusively for Domestic Firms.Now the new announcement by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to subsidize energy efficiency in Transportation with a 100 Billion Yuan Subsidy over the next 10 years further explicitly supports domestic firms

India looks unlikely to impose capital or currency controls like Asian countries to stem the increasing capital inflows from developed nations.The Indian government and the Central Bank have decided that India’s large and growing economy can absorb the foreign capital inflows much in excess of the current $78 billion projected for this year.The capital inflow […]

Paul Kedrosky’s research had pointed out, it takes a VC to invest $50 million and be in the industry for seven years to make a good VC. Since the last 4 years, I have been working in a real estate private equity fund. I have been involved in deals worth more than USD 100 millions […]

The Indian Market has seen a slew of junk Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) which have led to large losses for investors.The fundamentals of these companies are quite abysmal with characteristics like debt defaults (Nitesh Estates),losses (Tarapur Transformers) and opaque business model ( Jaypee Infrastructure).Most of these IPOs have bombed while some have been pumped and […]

South Korean Conglomerate Hanwha subsidiary Hanwha Chemicals has taken a controlling 49.99% stake buying 36 million shares fro m Solarfun at $10.72 (4.6% premium) and the complete shareholding of promoters Good Energies (controls German Q-Cells as well ) and Chairman Mr. Yonghua Lu .Solarfun is the 4th largest Chinese company which has been executing well on a vertical integration strategy.

A  Record Drought in Russia and Worst Floods in China since 1998 are driving up wheat and rice prices up more steeply than in the commodity bull run in 2008.Secular factors like Globalization of Agriculture has already driven up food prices around the world,on top of this such seasonal factors will drive the prices even […]