Thailand has proposed to generate 20% of its electricity from Renewable Energy by 2022 and has implemented an “adder” electricity tariff for Green Energy plants.This “adder” tariff is similar to the Feed in Tariff (FIT) schemes prevalent in other parts of the world which gives a higher electricity payment to Renewable Energy Power Generators.Under this policy Thailand is set to give the “adder” tariff for 500 MW of plants till 2020 after which the tariff might be reduced

Poor Island Nations like Maldives are most vulnerable to Climate Change with their very existence at stake as rising sea levels threaten to sink them completely in the 21st century itself.The complete lack of progress on climate change and global warming has left these nations in a precarious state.The Alliance of Small Island Nations which […]

It is a microcap stock with only $12 million being sold to the public making it easily susceptible to manipulation because of its small float size.Its fundamentals could not in any way justify Rs 199 as even at Rs 118 it looked twice overvalued to me.But the stock kept climbing without any news probably sucking in naive investors out to gamble on the “greater fool” theory until the greatest fools were left holding out the can

United Kingdom has been a laggard in climate change and global warming issues especially compared to its European neighbours.While countries like Italy,Germany and Spain have installed gigawatts of solar energy , UK has installed a measly 32 MW of solar energy till 2009.While UK’s geographical location is not particularly suited for solar energy,Germany does not […]

USA’s NSA possesses formidable strengths in this area using American information technology which is the best in the world.USA has denied the export of critical encryption technology in order to safeguard its lead in the cyber security area.India is taking a leaf from these countries albeit in a late manner.India’s plan will involve recruiting hackers and software professionals under the aegis of its intelligence agencies.A new law also will be passed to prevent exiting Indian laws from prosecuting these recruits.

Taiwan and South Korean Companies have been making massive investments in the Solar Energy Space through both greenfield and brownfield expansion.South Korean Hanhwa has used the greenfield route by buying up a 49.99% stake in 4th largest Chinese solar producer Solarfun while global foundry leader TSMC has bought equity stakes in Stion and Motech.Samsung and […]