Honda’s strategy of promoting Hybrids is a good one as Hybrids make much more economic sense than EVs.Without massive government subsidies EVs are expensive big toys and will unlikely generate large sales or do anything to improve the environment.On the other hand Hybrids are an excelllent intermediate solution to the climate problems.

POSCO is setting up a humongous steel complex in the eastern Indian state of Orissa with the total investment of $12 billion.The project which was initiated in 2005 is supposed to get completed in 2016.But the huge industrial project which was hyped as generating lots of jobs for this impoverished state has generated huge controversy.The […]

President Obama has said that USA expects to capture 40% global marketshare of the EV/Battery Industry by 2015.This claim is predicated on the Massive Subsidies that DOE has recently given to Battery Companies.This will help in increasing the USA marketshare from 2% last year to 40% by 2015.However this claim by Obama looks to be […]

ote Nuclear Energy is seeing a Renaissance after being in cold storage for the last 2 decades.China and India have been in the lead signing contracts to build several Tens of Gigawatts of Nuclear Power.Enrichment of Nuclear Fuel which is a crucial component of making Nuclear Weapons will not be done in Vietnam.Many countries are forgoing this right to access Nuclear Technology.

When Push comes to the Shove,every country looks after its own.Russia has stopped exports as prices increased domestically without a care about the rest of the world.This is not only specific to Russia but all the world’s countries where nationalism reigns supreme.With most of the worlds commodities approaching “Peak Supply” it is a worrying thought.

Lithium has been claimed to beĀ  the “new oil” with a new dedicated ETF recently launched to take advantage of the investor interest in this area.Lithium which was virtually unused in any application until the 1990’s come into prominence after Sony introduced the first Lithium based batteries.Since then the usage of Lithium has grown by […]