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South Asia and Africa to Face the Worst Effects of Global Warming

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According to a report from Maplecroft,India and Bangladesh are the countries most at risk from the deleterious effects of Climate Change.The other countries in South Asia like Nepal,Myanmar,Pakistan are not far behind.Maldives the smallest country in South Asia is the heaviest in danger with its very existence at stake.Next in the list are African countries like Mozambique,Madagascar and others from Global Warming Changes like Droughts,Floods,Submersion etc.Note Climate Change has faced massive setbacks in recent time with the failure of the Copenhagen meet and not much chance of success with the next Cancun meet.USA and China the two biggest emitters of GHGs have been reluctant to move forward in the the Climate Change issue.Note the poorest countries are the most vulnerable to climate change and they have the least voice in climate change talks.Rich countries like Saudi Arabia have even blocked studies on climate change by poor island nations.

A Global Agreement on Climate Change seems a mirage with huge attacks mounted on the United Nations sponsored UNFCC by vested dirty energy lobbies.Oil Rich Middle East is totally blind to other concerns except their oil revenues calling Green Subsidies a danger and unfair.USA has all but given up on any climate change legislation with rich private organizations and individuals like Koch Brothers pouring millions of dollars to spread negative propaganda.Even the most progressive Green States like California have not been spared with its policy of supporting Renewable Energy coming under pressure.The Nordic Region is expected to be least affected by climate change.USA and China are also low on the list.

Bangladesh, India most at risk from climate change – Reuters

Bangladesh and India are the countries most vulnerable to climate change, according to an index on Wednesday that rates the Nordic region least at risk.

British consultancy Maplecroft said its rankings showed that several “big economies of the future” in Asia were among those facing the biggest risks from global warming in the next 30 years as were large parts of Africa.Norway was bottom of the list of 171 nations, least vulnerable ahead of Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Sweden and Denmark — all rich north European nations which may initially gain from factors such as longer crop growing seasons.Among major economies, the United States ranked at 129, China 49 and Japan 87. Most European Union nations were low on the list, among less vulnerable countries.


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