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Finland Proposes Innovative Blend of Renewable Energy,BioFuels,Smart Lighting and Electric Vehicles to Power a Highway to Russia

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Finland is proposing to build a Billion Dollar Highway from its Capital Helsinki to a City near the Russian Border.This Highway will be the first Zero Carbon Highway in the World using an innovative mix of Biofuels,Electric Vehicles Charging Infrastructure and Renewable Energy.This Highway will use EV Charging Points which will get their energy from Solar and Wind Power.The Towns along the highway will be involved in the project generating biofuels and biomass energy.The Project is still under the feasibility stage and is slated to be completed by 2016 if passed.This route is one of the major arteries to EU-Russian Trade and will serve as an important Green Symbol for Future Transportation Needs.Finland will also tap EU’s subsidies on Clean Transportation to help build this Green Highway.Note Scandinavian Countries have been the leaders in the Green Movement with Denmark  one of the pioneers in Wind Energy and Norway’s Sovereign Fund committed to SRI principles.

Finland to Build First Ever Green Highway – IndustryWeek

With service stations offering charging points for electric cars and pumps filled with local biofuels,  Finland wants to build the world’s first “green highway”, the project manager said on August 19.The project concerns the remaining eastern 130-kilometer (81-mile) stretch yet to be built on a highway linking Turku on Finland’s southwestern coast with Vaalimaa near the Russian border. The town of Loviisa, located east of Helsinki and near the beginning of where the last leg of the highway will be built, proposed making the final stretch of road “green” and has taken charge of the project.

The plan involves using waste and other resources from the region that the new road will pass through to produce ethanol, other biofuels and electricity to keep the most environmentally-friendly cars on the green highway running.Pumps with fossil fuels will also be available for “normal” cars.Other proposals include installing geothermal heat pumps and providing information to users on their emission levels and the impact they are having on the environment.


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